Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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I occasionally update this page to organize original entries by category (last categorized on 12/25/15). If you're seeing this page for the first time pop up in your blog reader, it's because your feed is set to get all "updated pages". If you would prefer to just get new stories, use the buttons on the right, down the page a bit (under "Syndication Links"). These will point your blog readers to a Feedburner feed that is set to "only new stories".

But as long as you're here, feel free to get to know some ultrarunners, read about some races, and comment all you would like.

Thx, SD

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Personal Records (PR's):
1-mile: 5:09 (Armory, 2010)
4-mile: 22:08 (Santa Barbara 4-Miler, 2010)
10k: 34:45 (Donner Lake Triathlon, 2006)
10-Mile: 57:11 (Presidio 10-Mile, 2012)
Half Marathon: 1:16:24 (San Francisco Half Marathon, 2012)
Marathon: 2:44:35 (Boston Marathon, 2013)
50k: 3:20:48 (Caumsett 50k, 2010)
50m: 6:11:55 (Fall 50m, 2014)
100k: 9:14:10 (Pony Express 100k, 2007)
100m: 17:06:38 (Rocky Raccoon 100m, 2015)
Olympic Distance Triathlon: 2:18:41 (San Jose International Tri, 2004)
Half Ironman Triathlon: 5:01:02 (Big Kahuna Tri, 2005)
Ironman Triathlon: 11:54 (Ironman Hawaii, 2010)


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