Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Accidental Inspiration

I love chatting with runners. It is endlessly inspiring to hear how people found the sport, what it inspired them to achieve in running and life, and the rainbow-filled optimism that comes when exercise and the outdoors are just part of your daily routine. I just hope it doesn't get too boring for the non-runners around us.

Sometimes it does just the opposite - take this story posted by Bill Carmody, a new friend who had dinner with myself and one of his friends Len Devanna, only to find out we were both runners, then forced to endure nearly an hour of one-track enthusiasm. So what did Bill do? He went out the next morning for a run, and ran his first half marathon in decades.

So next time you think you are talking too much about running, remember Bill so you can keep talking! In fact, talk about may have a future half marathoner at the table. ;-)

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