Monday, October 03, 2016

Technology Trends in Trail Running - 2016

"What are the latest technology trends, and how will that shape the sport of trail running?"

This was the question that fellow Silicon Valley nerd Richard Bolt (of the American Trail Running Association) and I set out to answer for the US Trail Running Conference in Estes, CO, last weekend.  We wrote a presentation called "Technology Trends in Trail Running - 2016" that explores some of the recent trends in technology, how it is (and could) impact the sport of trail running, and highlights some of the gadgets we can expect to see in 2017. Our audience was primarily Race Directors, so you'll see some takeaways in there for those who organize races.

For you purists who think technology shouldn't play a part in outdoor sports like trail running, be sure to get far enough in to read about the "Easterlin Paradox". Although it doesn't take a position, I think it does help explain why certain technologies feel fitting when it makes it easier to capture and share defining experiences. 

Would love to hear your thoughts! In particular if you have seen some new, cool tech I don't have on my radar yet. ;-)

Thanks, Scott


  1. Hey Hey Scott, hope you are well!😃

    Two I did not see in your presentation you might be interested in, more running general rather than trail specific
    Lumo Run

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