Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My iPod Playlist for Running Ultra Marathons

I've been getting lots of requests for my current iPod playlist for running ultras from my previous post (thanks everybody). You'll find it below - 8 hours of high stompin' tunes to keep your pace up. For those of you on iTunes, I created an iMix called "Dunlap's Ultra Marathon Mix" with the top 20 songs for easy downloading; just search on the title and you should find it. Some of the best stuff isn't available on iTunes - I would highly suggest Freq Nasty, ILS, Prodigy's Dirt Chamber Sessions, and Boom Boom Satellites. You can them from Amazon.com.

If you have other suggestions, I'm sure others would appreciate it if you would add a comment below. And be careful out there - I almost ran over a horse the other day because my tunes were blaring. Keep the volume low or you might eat hoof.

Have fun!


You Walk Away, Filter (The Amalgamut)
Block Rockin' Beats, The Chemical Brothers (Dig Your Own Hole)
Vertigo, U2 (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
Leave You Far Behind, Lunatic Calm (The Matrix)
Superunknown, Soundgarden (Superunknown)
2 Females, Freq Nasty (Bring Me The Head Of Freq Nasty)
Shake Break Bounce, The Chemical Brothers (Push the Button)
Name of the Game, The Crystal Method (Tweekend)
Ready, Steady, Go, Paul Oakenfold (Bunkka)
Get Up Get Off , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
Feel Good Time, Pink (?)
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), C & C Music Factory (Sony Music 100 Years: R&B - From Doo-Wop to Hip-Hop)
Been A Long Time, Richard Humpty Vission (Richard Humpty Vission)
La Machina Latina, Freq Nasty (Bring Me The Head Of Freq Nasty)
Smartbomb, BT (Movement In Still Life)
6 Space (Next Level), ILS (Soul Trader)
Over the Line, The Crystal Method (Tweekend)
Left Right, The Chemical Brothers (Push the Button)
No Soul, ILS (Soul Trader)
High Roller, The Crystal Method (Vegas)
The Boxer, The Chemical Brothers (Push the Button)
Going Under, Evanescence (Fallen)
Pearl's Girl, Underworld (Everything Everything: Live [IMPORT] [LIVE])
Keep Hope Alive, The Crystal Method (Vegas)
Prime Audio Soup, Meat Beat Manifesto (The Matrix)
Spitfire, The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
Welcome To The Fold, Filter (Title Of Record)
This Love, Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane)
Basket Case, Green Day (Dookie)
Hypocrites (Naked Funk Remix), Junior Delgado (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
Time To Build, The Beastie Boys (To The 5 Boroughs)
Whats That, Exodus Quartet (The Best Of Acid Jazz: In The Mix)
Sil Num Tao, Freq Nasty (Bring Me The Head Of Freq Nasty)
Spybreak (Short One), Propellerheads (The Matrix)
Roll It Up, The Crystal Method (Tweekend)
Cherub Rock, Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream)
Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine, The White Stripes (Elephant)
Keep Hope Alive, The Crystal Method (Vegas)
You'll Be Under My Wheels , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
Break On Through (To the Other Side) [Remix], BT vs. The Doors (Break On Through (To the Other Side) [Remix] - Single)
Da Funk, Total Fusion Featuring Evenson (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
Wicked Dub, Tayo Meets Acid Rockers Uptown (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
Here I Am, Lexicon Avenue (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
Leave, R.E.M. (New Adventures In Hi-Fi)
Brooklyn 2 Brixton (Featuring Kovas), Freq Nasty (Bring Me The Head Of Freq Nasty)
Oh Word?, The Beastie Boys (To The 5 Boroughs)
Duboniks Comin' Thru, Duboniks (The Best Of Acid Jazz: In The Mix)
The KLF / Frankie Bones / Meat Beat Manifesto / Herbie Hancock / Mark The 45 King / Proppeller Heads / Beastie Boys, DJ Mink (The Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. 1)
Mindfields, The Prodigy (The Matrix)
Star 69, R.E.M. (Monster)
Down, 311 (311)
Showtime, Big Dada Sound (Xen Cuts (Disc 1) [Box Set])
Soul Pride, Neptune (Xen Cuts (Disc 2))
Sweeter Love, Blue Six (Beautiful Tomorrow)
Heavyweight, Sharpshooters (The Best Of Acid Jazz: In The Mix)
3 Play It Cool, Crazy Penis (The Outernational Sound)
Drop Your Weapon, Crazy Penis (A Nice Hot Bath With...)
Simbarere, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi (The Outernational Sound)
Re-Return Of The Original Artform, Major Force (The Outernational Sound)
Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough, Michael Jackson (Off The Wall)
Pressure Zone, Beck (Midnite Vultures)
Bombs Away, Paris Texas (Like You Like An Arsonist)
Wake Up, Rage Against The Machine (Rage Against The Machine)
Lord Of The Null Lines (Aquasky Vs Master Blaster Remix), Hyper-On Experience (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
My House Is Your House, Phil Keiran (Y4K: Mixed By FreQ Nasty - Next Level Breaks)
One Thing Leads to Another, The Fixx (Reach the Beach)
In a Big Country, Big Country (I Want My 80's Box! (Box Set))
The Fly, U2 (Achtung Baby)
Fashionably Late (Thunderbull Remix), First Floor Brothers (DJ Chicken George -- Chicken Soup Vol. 4)
Tanguedia III, Nickodemus & Osiris (DJ Chicken George -- Chicken Soup Vol. 4)
Feel Alright, ILS (Soul Trader)
Trapped, ILS (Soul Trader)
Magic Man, Heart (Dreamboat Annie)
Bodyrock, Moby (Play)
Ray Of Light, Madonna (Ray Of Light)
Rock And Roll Is Dead, Lenny Kravitz (Greatest Hits)
Star 69, R.E.M. (Monster)
Ain't No Right, Jane's Addiction (Ritual De Lo Habitual)
Disposable Heroes, Metallica (Master Of Puppets)
Photograph, Def Leppard (Pyromania)
Burden In My Hand, Soundgarden (Down On The Upside [IMPORT])
Cold Hard Bitch, JET (Get Born)
Through The Never, Metallica (Black Album)
Over the Line, The Crystal Method (Tweekend)
Spitfire, The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
Memphis Bells , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
Wake Up Call , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
You'll Be Under My Wheels , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
The Way It Is , The Prodigy (Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned)
I Don't Care Anymore, Phil Collins (Hello, I Must Be Going!)
Science Force - Antidoping Trax, Science Force (Chill Out Cafe Vol 1. Irma)
Slok - One To Go, Slok (Chill Out Cafe Vol 1. Irma)
Busenfreund, Walkner Moestl (Suzuki In Dub)
Rez/Cowgirl, Underworld (Everything Everything: Live [IMPORT] [LIVE])
Spellbound, Tango (DJ Kicks (Disc 1))
Twist, Underworld (A Hundred Days Off)
Peace Train, Cat Stevens (Greatest Hits)


  1. I like you have "I don't care anymore" right near the end. The lyrics are perfect:

    I don't care now what you say
    Cause everyday
    I feel alright by myself

    So right. It's about you and the trail, brother.

    - Charlie1

  2. Where's the Tenacious D?!? 8-)

  3. Hi there
    Im an Irish lass living in London and on April 17th im runnning the london marathon. In a bid to draw up some attention from the blog commnity I am holding a blog marathon on 11th March.

    It is an opportunity to bring the blogging community together and also raise awareness of your blog.

    The idea for my post http://everythingirish.blogspot.com/ is that I blog for 26.2 hours placing a post up every half an hour. hopefully if I can drum up enough interest so that people will read my blog and maybe donate some money to a good cause (raising £1500 for ActionAid who help fight poverty).

    But anyone can join in this blog marathon. Just for fun, to attract people to there site, to drum up business, or like me trying to raise money for charity.

    Check out http://blogmarathon.blogspot.com/ if you would like to join this blog marathon.

    my running blog is http://michellesmarathon.blogspot.com/

    Spread the word!
    Thanks Michelle

  4. Thanks, Michelle. I'll be on a SFO/NYC flight that day, so I'm not sure if I could participate. But I'm happy to post a notice about your blogathon as the date approaches.

    Good luck!


  5. I came across your Dec 2004 post on iPods and running and then this post. I just launched a new website which is a service for joggers and runners who enjoy paced music. It's called jogTunes. You'll see that it presently addresses the casual jogger and runner who typically runs about 30 minutes. The emphasis is on matching your pace to the songs' tempos, similar to dancing to the beat. So beats per minute are a main feature. I would greatly appreciate your impressions of the site and any ideas you may have as to how I can serve long distance runners. By the way, your playlist is indeed impressive. Are your songs chosen to match your pace? Please feel free to email me if it would make a dialog easier.

    Bob Marcus
    Moab, Utah

  6. Hi, would you have any exceptions to me linking to this page on our [URL=http://www.ipod-playlist.com]iPod Playlist site[/URL]? This information would be of interest to our users.

    Please let me know.


  7. Hi Scott, we've just started up mixalbum.com and a lot of our customers are runners - the reason is people can choose the start and end BPMs of their playlist, and the length they want, and it all gets mixed together.

    We're in the process of simplifying things before we publish the service too much and would love to have your input (or your readers') on it and what features you would want: www.mixalbum.com/main/fitness - if this is of interest get back to us (info@mixalbum.co m). cheers, ian chamings

  8. ...or you could simply enjoy running without the iPod: http://lowtechtimes.com/2008/02/28/running-with-an-ipod/

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