Friday, June 01, 2007

ZombieRunner Adds Coffee to The Menu

I'm sure many of you know about ZombieRunner, one of my favorite online sites for ultrarunning gear. Where else can you buy Inov-8's, Elastikon Tape, bulk baggies, sunscreen, poison oak wipes, Sharkies, and a headlight all at the same site? Plus Don, Gillian, and team are always welcome to share advice and lessons learned to help you ramp up your next race (and between the two of them, they have done nearly every ultra in the country).

One thing you may not know about Don is that he is a coffee fanatic, and a damn good barista. He and Gillian have recently taken their coffee obsession to the next level and released four micro-roast ZombieRunner coffees. I have swung by their offices to taste them first hand, and they are delicious! (perhaps a little-known fact for locals in the Bay Area, but you can pick up your ZombieRunner orders and get a free cappucino made with their beans; be sure to try it before they figure out that I'm ordering my Jelly Belly's one pouch at a time to get a daily fix).

Have a great weekend, and run well!



  1. Hey, and if you use their "AeroPress," you can make a cup in 30 seconds -- sounds like a must-have for every sef-respecting crew or drop bag (Think: Mount Rose AS at mile 75)!

    Good luck at the 50K this weekend, Scott.

  2. Scott,

    I'm not sure how to e-mail you, so I'm posting here (and it's actually somewhat relevant to the post).

    I was wondering if you could share some nutritional advice or point beginning ultrarunners like myself in the right direction.

    Up until now, I've only run marathons, but I'm looking to move up to ultras this fall. You mention Sharkies, electrolytes, etc. but it all seems foreign to me (and I'm sure some others, too).

    So any advice or resource suggestions/links/blog posts would be very much appreciated.

    Hope you had a good 50k this weekend (look forward to that race report)!



    P.s. Feel free to e-mail me at dave_4111(at)

  3. BTW, the first 50 orders of Zombie coffee receive a free Zombie coffee mug...

  4. DC and Gillian are awesome people, I've bought my flashlights from them, baggie pouches and the occasional Akabill amulet. Speaking of which I need another one. But no, I had no idea that Don is crazy about coffee.

  5. Scott- great seeing you at Diablo today- you are awesome doing 50k- 25k was tough! Good job! Will send you photos we have of you :)

  6. David -

    I will e-mail you directly to get your questions, and we can share the answers on the blog. Pls give me a couple of days...

    Thx, SD

  7. Being only 15, I have yet to drink coffee. Perhaps I'll have some during the night hours of 12 Hours at Cool or the end of really long runs to stay awake, and have it be from Zombie Runner.

    -Michael Kanning

  8. Scott,

    Although I'm looking forward to your e-mail, you certainly don't have to rush. My ultra isn't until November, so I've got a little bit of time.

    Thank you!


  9. Hey there,
    just dropping in to wish you all the best for recovering from you-know-what.

    it was good running & chatting with you at Diablo.

    maybe see you at TRT.


  10. Great post thanks for sharing Scott!


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