Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hal Koerner and Nikki Kimball Win 2007 Western States

31-year-old Hal Koerner from Ashland, OR, led from the start to win the 2007 Western States in 16:12:16 this evening in unusually optimal weather. Eric Skaden was second (second year in a row) in 16:36:11, and last year's winner Graham Cooper finished third in 17:11:41. Andy Jones-Wilkins was just a few minutes behind to finish fourth in 17:20:29. Glen Redpath from Brooklyn, NY, won the Master's Division with his 6th place finish (18:05:33), earning yet another top 10 return invitation.

Nikki Kimball from Bozeman, MT, added another States win to her roster by finishing in 18:12:38.

Some of the top contenders had a tough day. Brian Morrison dropped at Dusty Corners (mile 38), Greg Crowther dropped at Foresthill (mile 62), and Korea's Jae-duk Sim slipped out of the top 10 after being in the top 6 for most of the race. I guess you never know...

The race is still going at the time of this post (keep going everyone!), but I've got to hit the sack. You can get the latest updates at the WS100 Webcast here, and soon after can get video at the YouTube site here.


  1. Hal rocked it!!! Awesome race, great webcast, runners are amazing!

  2. Looks like Jae-duk Sim rallied and captured the M10 slot by finishing 11th!


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