Saturday, June 16, 2007

Man sets marathon world record pushing stroller (Runner's World)

I thought all of you fathers might get a kick out of this story. I also wanted to shout out a big Happy Father's Day to Greg Crowther, Mark Tanaka, Rod Bien, Peter Lubbers, Jean Pommier, Garett Graubins, Dean Karnazes, Tim Tweitmeyer, Wendell Doman, Andy Jones-Wilkins, Graham Cooper (see Jean Pommier's recent interview with Graham here), Jon Olsen, Eric Gould, and the many other trail running Dad's I have met along the way. I hope you enjoy your pancakes on Sunday!

- SD

Pram-Pushing Dad Wardian Sets World Record And Finishes Third (Runner's World)

Howling winds gusted to 35 mph at the Frederick (MD) Marathon on Sunday, but Michael Wardian's nine-month-old son Pierce didn't feel them enroute to their 2:42:20 obliteration of the Guinness World Record for a stroller marathon - good for third place overall. (The
old record was 2:49:38.) That's because a plastic shield blocked the wind for Pierce. "The only setback was that my brother's call to my cell phone woke him up at 11 miles and he was awake the rest of the way," notes Wardian. "But he was great. I talked to him while I ran and he never wanted any food. He also never needed a diaper change, although I was prepared for that." It was Wardian's first-ever marathon pushing a stroller, but his seventh marathon in nine weeks,
including an Olympic Trials-qualifying best of 2:21:37 at the Shamrock Marathon. Altogether, the 33-year-old from Arlington, VA, has run more than 80 marathons.


  1. That is amazing!! Remind me not to whine when I set out with my jogging stroller!

  2. Wow, that's impressive! Good on him.

  3. Scott-

    You may consider a combined stroller/canine record of your own?

    Will G.

  4. Some of the shorter races (5K/10K) actually have entire baby stroller categories these days. They go fast, too!

    For example, the first and second place baby stroller finishers in the 2006 Davis Turkey Trot finished in 17:39 and 17:43 respectively.

    Have a great Father's Day, Scott!


    My two daughters, Jolyn 6 and Joy 5 just finished the Buenos Aires Marathon with me yesterday. I can´t find stats anywhere for marathons with double running strollers. We didn´t fly, but with heavy winds, and weaving through slower runners for the first 15 ks or so, I think we did alright in 4.15. I am NOT an elite runner by any means, but I´ve done Ironman (Canada and Brazil) and many other marathons including with my older sons when they were munchkins. Fun family times. The only drawback is that my kids always beat me by about a metre or so.

  6. Hi,

    Can you tell me what stroller that is? I will need one in about 5 months :-)

  7. Congrats!

    Michael replied:

    I would recommend either the BOB Revolution or the BOB Ironman, I like the Revolution a little better as you can "unlock" the wheel so you can use it to walk around and take the store too and not just for running.

    If you need anything else, just let me know.


  8. Hi Scott and blog readers!

    I am running the Marathon des Sables in April and am hoping to do some heat training in February.

    The problem is I am a Welsh man living in England who will be in L.A on business in February. I am looking for an event or a training base where I can do some hot weather training. About 100 miles over 4 days carrying all my kit.

    If you can help me with some ideas for any organised events, locations that would be good for a training camp or event better people that want to come running with me I would be forever grateful.

    Check out our website for the run:

    If someone can hook me up with hot run locations or a running guide expect the same treatment if you are in the U.K....Wales is amazing!




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