Wednesday, June 27, 2007

History of Injinji (The Paramus Post)

The Paramus Post has a fun article about Randuz and Joaquin Romay, the founders of Injinji, my favorite trail running sock company. If you've ever wondered if the roots of the Injinji tsoks were connected to those rainbow colored socks of the 70's, you now know it's true!

It also gets to the root of the Injinji name:

"Randuz Romay said he had a chance, 10-minute meeting with a woman who was a musician. She was learning to play percussion instruments from a master African drummer. Randuz plays percussion instruments as well.

The master instructor told the woman that drummers like to achieve a certain level of performance he called injinji.

Said Randuz: "It's that pinnacle moment of a traditional drum circle where the dancers and the rhythm of the music become one. Like a trance or acrescendo. You're not thinking. You're in the moment."
Sweet. Now they just need to embrace the nut-tsak product idea, and sales will really fly!

- SD


  1. My favorite socks!!!! Nice article, thanks, Scott!

  2. i was just discussing the genius of your nut-tsak idea at the double dipsea. seriously, no more shrinkage! make it happen and i'll be a customer for life. :)

  3. Dude. It's all about the nut-tsak. When will you be modeling one? ;-)


  4. These socks are awesome and comfortable. I even wear them as dress socks too =]


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