Friday, June 22, 2007

Weather Looks Good for 2007 Western States

Best of luck to everyone running Western States tomorrow. It looks like the weather will be good (predicted 40 degrees in Squaw Valley, 83-92 in Auburn) and the field will be stacked according to the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

For those wanting to follow along, you can catch the live Webcast here. I'll be checking in around 8pm to see catch the finish!

- SD


  1. Go, Hal! 15M left!!! It's a perfect weather this year!

  2. Hal Koerner just won in 16:12!

  3. That's just incredible. More bragging rights for our friends in the Pacific Northwest. Your turn in about a month, you ready? I'm sure you are. Excited for you for TRT 100.


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