Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ultrarunning Video by CNN - Ultra-running: A step beyond

CNN International's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Maggie Lake covered "ultrarunning" in this story/video this weekend by

<-- (photo courtesy of CNN)

focusing on the Sri Chimnoy 6 & 10 day Transcendence Run in New York. It is the world's longest IAU recognized footrace at 3,100 miles - definitely one of the more extreme ultras! The story is worth a read, and the video has some good interviews.

My favorite quote was:

"At one level its admirable, at another it's ridiculous," says Phillip Hodson, Fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Yup, that's about right. ;-) Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for sharing these! I really enjoyed both :)

    On an endurance note, how's the 100 training going? When do you start tapering?

  2. 100 miles is long enough for me.
    Thanks for the links. Good stuff.
    Spent Saturday fast-packing high peaks and Sunday going over Hope Pass. We're certainly a bunch of nuts.

  3. Addy -

    TRT100 training is coming along nicely! I'm a bit all over the map - just finished a 1/2 Ironman, for example - and probably won't start a taper until 10 days before. Practicing my night runs this week. I'm looking forward to it!


  4. Scott-

    Hello. I'm going to be running
    the TRT-50mi. This will be my
    first. What trail running
    shoes do you recommend? I already
    have Saucony's but I'm looking
    for the next pair. Is there a
    company you particularly like?
    Thanks -- good luck with night

  5. Stevie -

    Trail running shoes are definitely a personal matter, so it's good to try a few out. REI is good for this sort of thing. TRT isn't too far away, so I'll give a few recommendations based on the course:

    1) Inov-8's are my favorite. However, they are definitely in the "little padding to stay light" category. I like to feel the trail, but my feet can get sore after 50+ miles. I use the RocLite 315's, which you can get at ZombieRunner or REI.

    2) Montrail Hardrocks. This shoe has a very stable base, good padding, and enough lace to form fit to any foot. I use these in Tahoe a lot since they can handle the sand and rocks well. It's no surprise that 40% of the trail runners out there use Montrail - great padding for long trail runs, and a laser focus on the ultra crowd.

    3) You might be just fine with your Saucony's if they aren't worn out. It's best to have a shoe you know is comfortable rather than breaking in a new pair. If you are going to use road shoes, I would suggest some gaiters to keep the sand out. But be sure to try out trail running shoes that look similar to the brands you know and love. Your legs and feet will be happy.

    Hope that helps. I'm sure you can't go wrong. Looking forward to seeing you there!



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