Monday, June 18, 2007

Jamie Berns Wins First Ever Dipsea Triple Crown (Marin Independent Journal)

Jamie Berns won the 97th Dipsea Race last weekend, becoming the first person to even win the Dipsea Triple Crown - the Quad Dipsea, Double Dipsea, and Dipsea Race all in one year. 56-year-old Berns from Corte Madera, CA, used her 17 minute handicap advantage to hold off second place (and three-time former winner) Russ Kiernan by one minute and forty seconds. You can read the details of her journey at the Marin Independent Journal (MIJ). The MIJ also has a great audio slideshow of the 2007 Dipsea here.

(Jamie Berns wins the 97th Dipsea Race; photo courtesy of MIJ/Frankie Frost)

(Jamie on her way to a win at the 2006 Quad Dipsea; photo courtesy of Eric Gould)

Thanks to Mark Tanaka for sending this my way. Congratulations, Jamie! You are a total rock star.

- SD

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  1. How awesome! I inadvertantly joined in on a run on Mt Tam full of individuals training for the Dipsea, including Jamie, about 3 weeks before the race. Needless to say, I barely clung to the back of the pack :P. She seemed like such a great person and amazing athlete when I met her and it's so awesome that she achieved such a unique milestone!


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