Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Running The State Street Mile with Rocky the Pug

My pug, Rocky, loves to join in on a fun run if he can, especially if there are other dogs! This year we had signed up for the Mutt Strutt 5k, but I was bummed to find out that the wedding of a close friend would cause us to miss it. So we were thrilled to find out The State Street Mile would be happening in Santa Barbara, CA, the weekend we were down, and that they had a hotly-contested person/dog division. Time for Rocky to prove he is still the fastest pug this side of the Mississippi!

(Rocky and me bringing it home)

The State Street Mile is a fundraiser for the local District Attorney's assistance programs, and includes age group, elite, masters, and dog categories for a one mile downhill jaunt through downtown Santa Barbara. The downhill lends to some spectacular times - you definitely would have to be sub-5 minute to win the dog group, and sub-4 to win the overall. It's been a while since Rocky was in prime running shape - I was just hoping he could run the whole thing! Given the bachelor party antics that I survived the two previous days, one mile would be a stretch for me too.

The starting line was near-calamity as excited dogs barked wildly. The announcer kept repeating "dogs, please try to keep your owners under control". We met some super-fast pooches at the start, including:

The eventual winner, clocking a 4:57:

The true "running with the big dogs" group:

A four-month old puppy ready to join the big boys:

Some of the many "adopt me" dogs from Team Dawg who had borrowed some local runners to join in on the fun:

A three-legged dog having three times the fun:

This lab, who would have given every kid a lick on the way if he could have:

And plenty of kids happy to give Rocky a hug after the race:

Rocky clocked a 7 minute mile, running the whole way. I was so proud of him! Sophie and Christi were there at the finish to congratulate him (and let him pass out in their laps). We enjoyed hanging around for the elite and fun run races too. It sure was nice to just go run a casual mile with my dog and not have to worry about hydration, splits, etc. Rocky continues to be a big inspiration!

(Rocky sneaks under 7 minutes)

- SD


  1. that's so cool to run a mile with your own dog. :) rocky will get in shape in no time under your guidance. hope you are feeling better from the accident a couple of weeks ago and happy training.



  2. Doing much better, Hao, thanks for asking. For the most part, life is surprisingly back to normal. Just like the counselor said - give it 10 days and you'll be better. But I do think about Debra on every run, and am all the more appreciative of the freedom to be on the trails. Last news is that she is doing better each day, but still rotating through some heavy reconstructive surgeries.


  3. BTW, some of you might have noticed the addition of the ZombieRunner graphic on the right. Note that if you use the "TRLBLOG" coupon code, you get 10% off!


  4. Great post Scott! I was goign to make some dog comment...like these are the dog days of summer or something else corny...so I'll stick to not making a comment. Glad to hear Debra is getting better. I'm sure all of us bloggers who read your post are glad to hear that.

  5. Scott- great to hear about Debra.. thanks for being such a caring guy :)
    Glad you had a run with your pug!
    (Dwight is on his way across America now- just hit Salton City with his 8 man cycling team!)

  6. Very cool! I love the way the people in the pictures all look like they are working their buts off while the dogs seem to be just enjoying themselves on a leisurely run. Perhaps we could learn something from the dogs. Unfortunately, my "Rocky" is a cat and probably wouldn't make it a mile, but he is one heck of a sprinter! :-)


    Verification Word of the Day: "ufyos" - unidentified flying yellow objects?

  7. Way to go Rocky! Sorry to hear you have to miss the Mutt Strutt, but hopefully you can find more dog-friendly races. I'm doing a 4-mile fun run with both of my labs this weekend!

    What kind of leash were you using? Looks like a nifty "hands free" design.

  8. This sounds like a great fun, I've never heard it before! I would be afraid to run with my "Rocky" as he kicks my butt like hell, I'd just trip over my own feet:) Yes, I agree with Steve (Eudemus)- dogs are having fun, may be we should do it more often too!

  9. Geesh. I think Rocky can run a faster mile than me. I need some better training..

    Looks like it was a fun event!

  10. That post was hilarious! What fun!

    Glad to hear you're getting back to normal, Scott.

    Yep, your pug runs faster than me, too. Maybe I just need to chop my legs shorter and wrinkle up my face?
    Or is the trick just to let my tongue hang out the side?

    As usual, the photos were the best.

  11. Andrew -

    No fancy leash. It's just your standard retractable leash. I did try a hands free once, but I got "pantsed" when Rocky went for a squirrel. Whoops! Have fun with your labs this weekend!

    All -

    Rocky is super-fast for a pug. His inspiration is that I keep saying "biskee", his favorite treat. Perhaps there is some wisdom in that? ;-)


  12. This blog has gone to the dogs ;)
    Looks like everyone had a great time!! Great blog

  13. Scott-

    Hard to determine who is showing more tail in that last photo, you or Rocky??? Those are some short shorts. ;-)

    Looks like a cool event, wish I had a dog.

    Will G.

  14. Go Rocky!
    I think that's got to be the fastest time ever for a pug.

    Good to hear about Debra and thanks for securing a 10% discount for all of our Zombie Runner purchases.


  15. wow...a dog running a sub 5 minute mile? That's crazy! And a 7 mintue mile for you and Rocky is pretty awesome as well. Apparently now I can consider slow by both dog and people standards now ;)

    Really glad to hear that you're feeling somewhat back to normal that that Debra continues to improve :)

  16. Go Rock Chopster! BTW - is the code supposed to be 'TRBLOG' or 'TRLBLOG'? What you said is different from what is in your graphic...maybe they both work...

  17. Whoops - it should be "TRBLOG". Although both will probably work. ;-)

  18. Very cute story about your pug and you.

  19. I just love Rocky! Reading about you guys running together inspired me to "train" our Boston Terrier to run short distances with us, and he even finished a See Spot Run 5K with me at a 12min/mile pace. Not bad for 4 short legs!!


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