Monday, October 22, 2007

Ultra Centric 24-Hour - The Last US Championship of the Year

Still running strong in the tail end of the season? There is still one US Championship left on Nov 16th, 2007 - The Ultra Centric 24-Hour Championship in Grapevine, TX. This year features over $26,000 in prize money for those who can master the rhythm of the two mile loop, plus some longer and shorter formats to tempt others.

This is the 22nd running of the Ultra Centric, and the second year as the US National Championships. New this year are 6-hour, 12-hour races to join the existing 24-hour and 48-hour formats.

Can the American Records be broken? Race Director Robert Tavernini says "yes", particularly if some of the great 100k and 100m US ultra runners give this format a shot, as well as the excellent 24-Hour runners returning from last year. Philip McCarthy has already run 153 miles in this years Drummondville World Championships, in Quebec, Canada. A similar performance could topple the winning result of 146.4 miles from Alex Swenson at the Ultra Centric last year. Get a top finish with 135+ miles, and you might get a spot on the US National 24-Hour Team.

Based on the results of the San Francisco One Day this weekend, there might be a contender nearby!

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  1. Not that you asked but I will be giving this race a shot. Looking forward to it. First 24 Hour race.


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