Thursday, October 25, 2007

How much can the body endure?

Emily Battle of The Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg wrote an article about folks doing double- and triple-Ironmans. Yowza! Can't imagine what a 78.6 mile run feels like after a 7.2 mile swim and 336 mile bike ride. A couple of ultra runners and doctors chimed in - "ultra-runners often talk about the key to their success being their ability to numb themselves to the pain they feel as the miles build up." Worth a read.


  1. Hey Scott

    Dude, you have become post-a-holic this week. I have only just caught up. I found this most recent newspaper article somewhat negative toward endurance endeavors. Reading this article, a would be endurance athlete would likely have preconceived notions of time commitment, pain, sacrifice, overdoing it etc. reinforced.

    I am sure that most of your blog readers would look at such an event and say Coooool, that would so totally, insanely fun to do a triple Ironman one day. Where would I swim? (maybe one-way down a river) where would I bike? where can I find 78.6 miles of trails? … the mind races. Of course, countless generations of human evolution did not specifically mold us to swim, bike and run for 3 days on end, but I do believe this evolutionary process gave us the ability to do so and the adventurous spirit to explore the possibilities.

    Cheers, Paul Charteris

  2. Love it. An article about people more compulsive/crazy than us (typical ultrarunners), so that we look more normal by comparison. I guess doing a double ironman isn't that huge a deal except that sitting on a bike seat for 224 miles sounds hellacious, at least to my butt. Triple is crazy crazy crazy. That 68-year old is some stud, huh?

    As for missing dinner out with friends, I didn't even do that the night before for Ohlone (50k) this year (but did pass on an 8pm dinner party out before Firetrails, being 50 miles).

  3. Roche-Wallace's 10 IM's in 10 days, now THAT'S scary. But then again, I totally suck at swimming and don't have a tri-worthy bike. Give me multi-day runs anyday over that!


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