Friday, October 05, 2007

Scott Jurek repeats at 246k Spartathlon

Seattle's Scott Jurek won the 246k Spartathlon in Greece for the second year in a row, finishing the 156 mile race in 23:12:14, the 7th fastest time in the 24 years that the race has run to honor the run Pheidippides made almost 2,500 years ago. Jurek's time was roughly 15 minutes slower than last year, but an hour ahead of a star-studded field with many former winners:

1. Scott Jurek (USA) 23:12
2. Piotr Kyrulo (POL) 24:29
3. Valmir Nunes (BRA) 25:37
4. Jens Lukas (GER) 25:48
5. Markus Thalmann (AUS) 26:34
6. Eusebio Bochons (ESP) 27:40
7. Nobumi Iwamoto (JPN) 28:17
8. Takehiro Matsushita (JPN) 28:36
9. William Sichel (GBR) 29:01
10. Ryoichi Sato (JPN) 29:25

Akiko Sakimoto (JPN) won the Women's division in 31:09:24, 21st overall. You can read more here, and get results here.

(Scott Jurek celebrates at the finish, photo courtesy Glenn Tachiyama)


  1. Thanks Scott

    I think the results page on the Spartathlon website has only the 2006 results posted. Here are the 2007 results.

    Scott Jurek’s good buddy and photographer extraordinaire, Glenn Tachiyama has just posted his amazing Spartathlon photos online: Glenn will probably comment on here himself, but apparently he is sunbathing somewhere in the Greek Isles.

    Paul Charteris

  2. Thanks, Paul. You're right that Glenn has (once again) captured some great photos. I posted one above!


  3. 246K?'d think these guys could handle the full 250.

    Will G.

  4. What a true Master who is never satisfied with what he is good at. Glenn's pictures are priceless, Lisa Bliss and Barefoot Ted will have their own sets soon too.


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