Friday, July 24, 2009

New schedule/guidelines for 2009-10 Montrail UltraCup

Montrail has posted their new race schedule, rules and scoring system for the 2009-10 race year. Some of the highlights:
  1. The race schedule has been expanded to include 11 different events, adding new races such as the Banderas 100k, Cheaha 50k, and the Where's Waldo 100k.
  2. Western States slots will only go to the top 2 men/women at race, and only at races of 50 miles or longer.
  3. Scoring will now be based on finishing time vs place.
  4. You only need to run two races to be in the running, and your best 4 count towards your score. Western States is no longer a required race to compete for the grand prizes.
  5. Still has mega-cash prizes for the top winners.
See their Web site for more details. You do need to register before any races to get points, so be sure to do it if you are interested. It starts with the Where's Waldo 100k in just a few weeks. Wanna get stoked? Check out their promo video.

2009/2010 Montrail UltraCup Proposed Schedule

Date Race Location
08-22-09 Where's Waldo 100k Willamette Pass, OR
09-27-09 Vermont 50 Mile/50k Ascutney Mtn Resort, VT
11-07-09 Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Lynchburg, VA
11-21-09 JFK 50 Washington County, MD
01-09-10 Bandera 100k/50k Bandera, TX
02-27-10 Cheaha 50k Cheaha State Park, AL
03-13-10 Way Too Cool 50k Cool, CA
04-10-10 American River 50 Sacramento, CA
05-01-10 Miwok 100k Marin Headlands, CA
05-08-10 Ice Age Trail 50 LaGrange, WI
06-26-10 Western States 100 Squaw Valley, CA


  1. glad that Cheaha made it on there. That vibrant trail/ultra community in the South needs some love.

    This post begs the question though: what are your upcoming races? Surely you have more than two planned this fall?

  2. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for stopping by my site.
    Don't be a stranger.
    I will be checking back later,

  3. Looks like Montrail has given the Rockies to La Sportiva...Too bad, there are a few great races out here.

  4. It would be super cool if there were some explanation as to why changes were made; what are the benefits; why is it better now; what problems do the changes resolve; shakalaka - old_man_paco...

  5. Dave - Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a good run at Salt Point this weekend. To answer your question, I'm hoping to fit in a few races before Lithia Loop, but it will be late binding. I promised the family I would keep some weekends open for b-day parties, weddings, camping, etc. I also promised myself I would stick close to a 10-week training plan to be ready for some fast running at LL. But what does a few 50k/50m hurt? Long, slow running is part of the plan, right?

    TB - I read your blog all the time! I should be better at posting comments, but I'm usually iPhone constrained. ;-)

    old_man_paco - I've got my theories on why they changed the format. I know there were some complaints that (1) the races were hard to get into, (2) the requirement to run States often had the field down to less than 10 (it was two for the mens division in 2007), and (3) coveted slots to enter States were being waived by 50k runners with no intention of running that far. So this year there are more races, Western States is not required, and you can only qualify with 50m/100k distance races. Personally, I like what they have done. It should get more folks involved, and open eyes to some new races. I'm just in it for the shwag, and am EAGERLY waiting my 2009 jacket!

    - SD

  6. Oh, are you running the one in MD? Your parents will be here with us during that time too!

  7. Wow, you have participated in a lot of races. Looks like this one should be pretty interesting as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. Looks like the Where's Waldo Race is on National Trail Running Day, August 22nd.

  9. Christian, just FYI, pretty sure Montrail sponsors several races in the Rockies. they didn't add one to the Ultra Cup this year, probably b/c of scheduling conflicts, sponsorship issues, etc.

    But Hardrock 100, San Juan Solstice, Pagosa Peaks Trail Series, Golden Gate Dirty Thirty, Wasatch 100, Wahsatch Steeplechase, Zane Grey, and more. All Montrail sponsored events. All in the Rockies. thanks


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