Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dropping States at mile 93, Finkle wins at Hardrock, and Tahoe Rim Trail results

Some reading for you...

George Schroeder at The Eugene Register-Guard wrote a great article about Dan Olmstead, and how he ended up dropping at Hwy 49 (mile 93.5) at States to take an ambulance to the hospital. Dan is a great guy and an awesome runner - just goes to show you how States can whip the best of us. Kudos to him for having the sense to call it off when he did.

Another great article from the Telluride Daily about Diana Finkel's win at the Hardrock 100.

Leigh Corbin's successful run of The Badwater Ultramarathon
is featured in the OC Register.

Lastly, the Tahoe Rim Trail USATF/RRCA championship results have been posted. Congrats to 100-mile winners Eric Skaden (repeat USATF 100-mile champ, just weeks after his top 10 finish at States), Bree Lambert (in her first attempt at 100 miles, winning 1st female and Women's masters honors), Rob Evans (Masters winner and 2nd overall), Mark Gilligan (smoked the field by over an hour to win the 50-mile), Wendi Parker-Dial (Womens 50-mile winner, cheered on by husband Jamie after he dropped from the 100 in 3rd place), Peter Fain (repeat 50k winner, nearly posting his 4th CR this year), Julie Young (50k Womens and masters winner), and Tim Twietmeyer (50k masters winner). The 100-mile had a 50% drop out rate - it was a hot one!

- SD


  1. AND Brett Rivers came in 3rd overall at the TRT 100 in his very first 100 miler!

  2. George should talk to Jeff Genova. Same WS run, Jeff dropped less than a mile away from the finish and if it wasn't for Tim Twietmeyer spotting him in his condition, who knows what would have happened.

  3. was wondering if anyone has any blogs and/or resources for fitness walking in the bend, oregon area? thanks!

  4. Elly -

    I would recommend starting at Fleet Feet Bend, and if you don't see anything, just drop them a line.

    Thx, SD


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