Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New iPod+Nike Technology To Blend Music and Workout

Nike and Apple have teamed up to create some new technology that allows the iPod to become more integrated into the running experience, including real-time feedback on your pace (spoken into your headphones), tracking calorie burn on your iPod, and more. Check out the demo here.

Here's an excerpt from the Business Week story:

"The co-branded kit comes with a sensor that fits inside compatible Nike footwear -- sold separately -- and a wireless receiver that attaches to the iPod.

Data on running time, distance, pace and calories burned would be stored on the iPod, which could then display the information on-screen or deliver it audibly through headphones.

After the workout, the data also could be automatically sent to a personal runner's log at the new nikeplus.com Web site whenever the music player is synchronized to Apple's iTunes program.

The iPod will also incorporate a new "Power Song" feature, so a user can instantly queue up a piece of music for extra motivation at the push of a button.

The $100 Nike+ Air Zoom Moire shoe will be the first footwear designed to talk to the iPod, and more are planned, said Trevor Edwards, Nike's vice president of global brand management."

Available July 13th, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

- SD


  1. That's interesting. I liked the demo on the Nike site.

    Too bad it can't change your songs based on how fast you are running, eh? Or is that the POWER song?

  2. A great beginning to an idea. I would like to wear it with shoes other than Nikes.
    I read about this earlier today on Tribe, and the big question there: What is your "power song?"
    I am going with "Kashmir" on this one.

  3. Too much technology is just that - too much. Sorry. We forget why we run. And yes, I do use I-Pod. But that's all.

  4. Does this work with just the nano? what about ipod w/ video, or the shuffle?

  5. I read about this yesterday too. Then I went into my PT job at NikeWomen. The Apple store coincidentally is next door to us. They had stopped by, left us some info, and said we could get a live demo. So MAYBE I'll be able to see this thing before it's even released :)

  6. Is it really a good thing to be obsessed with split times on practice runs? Plus, its a bummer if I have to wear Nike shoes to get this stuff.

    But, yes, the mixes and the songs at the site seem like good additions to a ny itunes library.

  7. I don't think the distance, pace and calories burned features would be too accurate for trail runners since its essentially a pedometer and with hills and tricky sections, this device would be essentially a guess. For me, I'll continue to use my stopwatch and ipod seperately.
    Here's an idea... The ipod is linked to your HRM and when your heart rate increases above some threshold, the music automatically changes to "power" mode, then when it slows back down, it switches back to something more mellow. Now THAT would be something wouldn't it?

  8. Even if it's cool to hear some motivating tunes during your workout, how do you know what the 5 miles course is? TrailRunner is the next perfect addition. It's a workout route planner of Mac OS X that can export route directions as small NanoMaps onto the Nike+Apple iPod. For more information visit http://www.trailrunnerx.com/english.html

  9. Nike and Apple coming together is a perfect combination and if this can motivate a healthier lifestyle than more power to them.

  10. Nike + technology is very motivational towards a healthier lifestyle.

  11. I would buy them but its not necessary because i made my own makeshift one.


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