Sunday, May 07, 2006

Beer just a part of Envirosports allure

Journalist Greg Moberly of the Vallejo Times wrote a nice piece on running his first Envirosports Race (a local trail running promoter). If beer and banana bread is what gets folks to the starting line, then Envirosports has it figured out!
"I was downing a free beer last Saturday afternoon at a Stinson Beach restaurant, just because I ran a race. Isn't the running community great?

Yes, many of us go about our business, running our weekend races and doing our daily training runs before returning to wherever we came from. But there are groups out there embracing the fellowship that's unique to distance running."
I know the Lagunitas Ale they served at the end of the Miwok 100k (race report expected soon) definitely hit the spot. Finish line beer. Great concept!

- SD


  1. My wife and I are just starting to do some trail running. Seems that the same thing motivate us all, the need to see other things and the curiosity with the out of doors in different settings? How have you found the Central Valley for trails or do you have some advice for us in Fresno? I know, leave town but other than You can respond to me at

  2. It's fair to say that Trail Runner magazine owes its existence to beer. I'd tried running off and on for years, mostly off because it just wasn't much fun (I was more of a climber/skier). But on a trip to Thailand, I discovered the Hash House Harriers who combined running and beer (usually after but sometimes during and before). That was what it took to get me hooked. Back in Boulder, I eventually joined a small group for Thursday afternoon social runs which also ended with beer. Had it not been for the post-run libations, I'd have never gotten so into trail running that I'd create a magazine.

  3. Can hardly wait to hear about Miwok!

  4. That's a good question about Fresno - I will ping a few folks and see.

    You certainly have Sequoia Nat'l Park and Kings Canyon within a short drive, and there are some great soft trails out there.


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