Sunday, January 01, 2012

Scenes from the 2011 Rodeo Beach 50k

Just a few photos from yesterday's Rodeo Beach 8k/20k/30k/50k (results), which I'm pleased to say did happen thanks to Inside Trails Racing (ITR). Over 400 people came out to enjoy a wonderful day at the beach, and aside from a few inquiries about refunds for cancelled Pacific Coast Trail Runs (PCTR) events*, most runners were unaware of the back drama. They were just out to have fun! A good reminder as we look forward to the new year.

It was a kick to volunteer at the event and see so many familiar faces. One forgets how hard it is to organize and feed 400 people! The folks at Philz Coffee were kind enough to set me up with coffee for 40 to "add some good karma" (man, that coffee is good). Unfortunately, somebody did steal an entire aid station within the 20 minute window between when the items were dropped off and the volunteers arrived to arrange them. ITR was ready, however, and set up another aid station before runners arrived. Wow, you seriously have to be on your toes to put these races on.

The t-shirt is certain to be a collector, since it has neither PCTR nor ITR logos. Only us insiders will know the truth! Based on the conversations I had, I'm certain the next event will have one logo or the other.

Happy New Years, all. Start it off right! GO RUN!!!

- SD

* As noted in the comments of the previous blog post, be sure to send any requests for refunds for PCTR events to

(A gorgeous California morning! Photo courtesy of Footfeathers)
(And they are off!)

(Only 100 ft to the first climb!)

(Up, up, up...)

(Can't ask for a better day)

(8k runners take off fast!)

(Angela Wagner came all the way from Provo, UT, to place third overall in the 8k)

(Sarah Lavender Smith still has enough energy for a cart wheel on her way to winning the 50k in a new 32-mile PR, photo courtesy of Footfeathers)
(Post-race fun with Tim Long, Brian Wyatt, me, 20k winner Victor Ballesteros, and Dave Mackey, photo by Andy Belk)

(10-year-old Kyra Carney is all smiles after edging out Mom for 5th Female in the 8k, while their crew takes a breather)


  1. Thanks for the photos and posts. If it ever snows again up here at Tahoe I'll join in the fun on the coast!

    I did my first ultra with Robert and Linda, they'll be missed. I ran a little more today and will hit the Lake of the Sky (TRT) with a little more this year. Keep going...

  2. good work thanks for uploading updates. I am waiting for such pics of my daughter she also want to run same. shimla train


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