Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dave Mackey, Ellie Greenwood Win UR Mag's UltraRunner of the Year

In one of the tightest votes in the history of UltraRunner Magazine, Dave Mackey won the UltraRunner of the Year for 2011, while Ellie Greenwood picked up the Women's award. Dave had a stunning season, with wins at Miwok (CR), American River, Where's Waldo (CR), Bandera (CR, USATF Champion), a Top Ten finish at Western States, and more. Ellie dominated Western States, American River 50, Chuckanut 50k, and others. Lots of detail about these guys and other top finishers at UltraRunning Magazine.

Check out how close it came on the 21-voter panel (numbers in parentheses show the number of #1 votes). You know you're kicking ass if Michael Wardian comes in second...that guys never comes in second. ;-)
BTW, reminder to set your DVR's this Saturday at Noon on NBC for the Marathon Olympic Trials so you can watch Max King, Josh Cox, Chris Lundstrom, Michael Wardian, Devon Crosby-Helms, Caitlin Smith, Chris Lundy, Sopanga Eap, Joanna Zieger, Mary Coordt, Jenn Shelton, Kasey Enman, Tyler Stewart, Kim Dobson, Susannah Beck, Megan Lund, and many other trail/ultra speedsters. Rip it up, you guys!



  1. Great to see such a tussle at the top of the men's field tihs year. Looking at the 1981-2011 list, you cannot help but wonder what a simply amazing runner Ann Trason is - unbelievable.


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