Monday, January 23, 2012

Oldest Ultrarunner in the USA? (Meadville Tribune)

The Meadville Tribune has a great article on Francis Albaugh, whom at 90 years young continues to race track, road, and ultras. UltraRunning Magazine says he may be the oldest active ultrarunner in the US, and he has 446 races under his belt even after starting late at age 57. It's a fun read - check it out here.

My favorite quote:
“When I run, I feel good,” Albaugh said. “If I would stop running, I would just slow down physically and mentally. When I run, I’m awake and alive.”
The fountain of youth! And check out his pic...this guy looks good. Who else can sport a midriff and tattoed arms at 90?


  1. Wow.. very cool... seeing as I am 47 on only recently started running, I have a lot of time to get better!

  2. I wonder if the late start is the secret? IIRC, Helen Klein didn't start running until in her 40s, right?

    These Masters athletes are amazing, but watching 80 year old ladies jumping hurdles at World Masters this past summer was STRESSFUL!

  3. This man should serve as an inspiration especially for those who are in their younger years but choose to live a sedentary lifestyle.


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