Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nick Pedatella, Nicki Kimball Victorious at Bear 100; Geoff Roes and Regan Petrie Take UROC

You gotta love that even the low-key events like the Bear 100 have live updates these days. Not that I need an excuse to stay up all night. ;-) Looks like Nick Pedatella took home the win in 20:05, with Nikki Kimball winning the Women's division in 22:51 for 6th overall. Shout out to Mick Jurynec for his 5th place finish, and Gary Gellin's 7th place 100-mile debut (23:14).

At the first Ultra Race Of Champions (UROC), Geoff Roes used his signature closing speed to win in 8:58, over 20 minutes ahead of 2nd place Michael Wardian who lost his lead with a wrong turn, while local Regan Petrie took the Women's division in 9:47 (10th overall), 14 minutes ahead of 2nd place Devon Crosby-Helms. (full results)

Other fun reads for the weekend:

Patrick Macau breaks the marathon world record at the Berlin Marathon in 2:03:38

Max King pulls a weekend double-header, winning the Flagline 50k (USATF 50k Trail National Championship) in Bend, OR, on Saturday, and the XTerra Trail National Championship in Ogden, UT, on Sunday. That's just a week after winning the World Mountain Running Championship. That guy is on a tear!

Galen Rupp is interviewed about setting a new 10k American Record.

Lizzy Hawker breaks the 24-hour world record just a month after winning UTMB.

UROC has live coverage Saturday, complete with video hosted by AJW.

Rod Bien and newly-crowned USATF 50k Trail Masters Champion Jeff Browning contemplate if a 50k is truly an ultra. Maybe Jeff will sing a different tune now that he's the 50k Champ!

Happy running this weekend!


  1. World record set today @ the Berlin marathon. 2:03:38. Kinda lame that men can use male pacers but women can't 0_o..... Jake

  2. Hey Scott,
    Nick P won in 20:55 and I think Nikki won in 22:19.

  3. Hey Scott

    Love the blog and your journey. I mad to laugh when I read your profile about running so you can eat the extra helping at dinner.......rings true to me too.

    Out of interest, I've started a new site on Wild Running, trails, wilderness, that sort of thing. I really want to build up a community, not just of trail runners, but also the reasons why we humans should run, get closer to nature etc. Hop over and give me your ideas and opinions if you get time.




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