Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome, Ace Dunlap!

We have new family member! We got Ace the Pug from the Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS), who had nursed him back to health after losing his left eye in an accident. He's been with us a week now, and it's like he's been here forever!
(Hi. I'm Ace.)

He's not much of a runner, but is more than happy to help remove the sweat and salt from my legs after my run each day. He does enjoy a good snuggle too.


  1. Welcome to your home, Ace! I'm sure that although not a runner, he could do stomp massages or something else!

  2. hey hey, congrats for being nominated as one of the "Best Running Blogs 2011" hope to read many more of your fantastic running stories. sending you greetings from Malaysia...

  3. So glad for you and for Ace. We also have a rescue who lost an eye (his was due to abuse), and he's a real sweetheart.
    God bless you all

  4. He's adorable and lucky to have joined your family!


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