Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dave Mackey, Liza Howard Win Bandera 100k

Dave Mackey broke the course record by an hour with his 9:16 finish at the Bandera 100k, winning the USATF 100k National Trail Championship. Liza Howard picked up the win with her phenomenal sub-10 hour finish.

(Race Director Joe Prusaitis, David James, Dave Mackey, and Jason Bryant, photo courtesy of David James)
Dave Mackey earns a slot to Western States with his win, as does Team Inov-8's David James who also beat the course record by 45 minutes. Jason Bryant was 3rd, and Dan Olmstead 4th. Favorite Geoff Roes dropped after 50k.

Liza Howard was followed by Pam Smith (also under 10 hrs) and Meghan Aborghast.

Results aren't up as of this morning, but I will post! Otherwise you can get the gist of the race from these Twitter posts.


  1. Mackey finished in 8:16:) It was fun to watch.

  2. Dave's time was 8:17

  3. Dave is the man! Also has the Miwok 100K record. 2nd best trail runner from Colorado after Carpenter. Dave should keep on entering Pikes Peak, he'll eventually win once Carpenter slows down enough from age or injuries. Don't know about his chances at Western States though...

  4. Dave M. is a beast. I'd say he is more accomplished at the mid-ultra stuff than Matt because of racing frequency and less accomplished than Anton K at this point.

    It would be great to see Dave put together a nice few months of training in the spring and really get after it at WS100. The 100's haven't been quite his best event, but I'd love to see him in their with Geoff, Anton, Kilian, et. al. A dangerous man!


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