Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flirting Trail Runners Sighted in Woodside (Video)

Eric Gould shows off his outdoor video prowess in this fun video. Those who run in Huddart Park should recognize those gorgeous trails!


  1. Great video. It looks like most of it is on that section of trail that's just across the street from your driveway. It makes me want to head up there right now!

  2. Happy New Year, Scott!
    Interesting and nicely done video. Any idea how he got the moving side video at ground level--hand-held or what?
    I've run Woodside 3X now--always beautiful rain or shine--you are lucky to have that out your door...
    Glad you seem to be enjoying yourself since Kona. Sorry if I got a bit carried away with the comments...I meant well. I still believe that you can go sub-11, having seen what you can do with simple, flexible, free-spirited long as it stays fun, right?
    BTW, I finally started a blog, thanks, in part, to your lead. I've really enjoyed your interviews of others; perhaps, someday, you might be open to being on the "other end of the microphone" for an updated interview...
    Congrats and best wishes to you and your "newly expanded" family, Ann

  3. Thanks Ann. The "moving side video at ground level" was done with a homemade dolly. Essentially a skateboard riding on PVC pipes. The technique was used twice. Firstly, at the beginning as the runners go by and then again when the focus was the shoes.

  4. Do you actually mean "sited" as in "have been placed in" or "sighted" as in "seen in"?

    Long time reader, first time commenter, etc. etc. (-:

  5. trails trails trails. How I love trails, but I am too clumsy for them

  6. who's the female runner?? she's hot!


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