Sunday, November 14, 2010

RIP, Rocky the Pug, and Thank You

Rocky, our beloved pug of nine years, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday morning in the midst of his morning game of frisbee. I'm not sure what happened, but I was with him in his final moments and I can assure you it was quick. He will be missed.

Rocky, I thank you for reminding us to always have fun, and that any trip outdoors can be a fun adventure with the right companionship. Thank you for dragging me out of bed each morning, despite my protests, and starting a ritual of running trails that has become a endless source of optimism.

A few pictures to remember you by:

You were just a little scamp when we got you from the Pug Rescue of Sacramento, fresh off the streets of Oakland, CA.

But soon you were thriving with your larger-than-life smile and attitude.

You were always so patient waiting for me to get home/get up and get on with the adventure of the day.

They said pugs shouldn't run trails, but you would go as fast as you could all day long. I just tried to keep up!

You even wanted to go to the triathlons.

In fact, as long as you "got to go", you were game for just about anything.

You taught Sophie not to be afraid of a little sledding... always wear your lifejacket when on the boat....

...and that the best part of a hike is the snacks.

You showed us that anyone can run with the big dogs...

..and there's nothing wrong with sporting your colors when your team was playing.

You were always up for a game of frisbee...

...and never let anyone win unless they earned it.

You were a great big brother to Sophie, putting up with endless costumes.

And never met a beach you didn't like.

You were my best friend.

Thank you, Rocket J, for filling our lives with your love and sense of adventure. I will miss your warm, semi-snoring body snuggled up to my feet every night, and that donut tail that never stopped wagging. You may no longer with living with us now, but you will be a part of our lives forever. 

I miss you, buddy.


PS - If you like the pictures of Rocky, you can still get copies of his kids book.


  1. OMG, what a sad news indeed, he was so close to your amazing journey into fitness and ultra trail running. He probably thought that he had done his job as you had not needed him anymore to get you up and out of the couch for many years! Sophie must be sad too...
    Great homage to your running buddy.

  2. I am sorry for the loss of your sweet little buddy. It looks like you made the most of your time together.

  3. Really sorry for your loss.

    Take care,


  4. Sorry for your loss.

    He was very cool dog.


  5. Aww, goodbye Rocky!

    Looks like he had a wonderful life and brought a lot of happiness. What a beauiful tribute, Scott!

  6. What a story and life he had. Sorry to hear about the little trail wunder-dog. Hang in there.

  7. So sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

  8. Very sad. So sorry. Rocky looks like he was the fittest, happiest pug on earth.

  9. Sorry for your loss. I bet it's really hard on Sophie. He looks like he was a real bundle of joy!


  10. Very sorry for your loss Scott. Rocky had a great life!

  11. All the best to you, Rocky! So glad you were able to run so many wonderful miles.
    Scott, it is so cool you had such a great friend to share runs with and be such a part of your life. Fortunate times, indeed.
    Don't stop rockin' . . .

  12. Sorry to hear that Scott. Let Rocky RIP. He had been it seems a great member in your family. Don worry.

  13. Sorry to hear the news Scott, but nice to know he went out playing frisbee, can't imagine a better transition. See you soon...

  14. Scott, I know how much you miss your best buddy. I lost my dog of 12 years just a few weeks ago. Like Rocky, he was the reason I began to run. On some mornings, I still run with him and can hear his paws alongside my heartbeat.

    Everyone, go over and buy Lucky Me, Rocky's book which helps children and family's learn how to make a dog part of their loving family. Narrated by Rocky, I've added it to a few good people's Christmas list:


  15. Scott,
    So sorry for your loss! If my bloodhound got sick and passed on I wouldn't know what to do.

    Wonderful photo montage, too.

  16. Everybody's sad about loosing the "Rock". It was a very nice photo tribute to a super special dog. King's Mountain has lost one of it's unique residents and we all feel some of the void.
    Condolences from Eugene City.

  17. It was a beautiful life, and you wrote a great tribute he deserves.

  18. I want to add my condolences as a fellow dog lover. It's a heart-breaking thing to lose a dear friend, no matter the species. Your post was a great eulogy; you clearly brought much joy to one another!

  19. Heartbreaker :-(

    Very sorry for your loss - he looks like he was a treasure.

  20. Great photo montage, Scott. A beautiful tribute!

  21. I'm sorry for your loss. Your love for him shows in this post and speaks to his spirit and personality. What a great little sould you had there.

  22. Aw, Im so sorry to hear about your beautiful pooch, Scott. You gave him a great life, and now he's warming up the trails for you in doggie heaven. Thanks for sharing the photos and story!


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