Monday, November 22, 2010

Air Force Captain Brian Dumm Wins 2010 JFK 50-miler (Herald Mail)

The JFK 50-miler, the nation's oldest ultramarathon, was established by John F. Kennedy in the early 1960's to challenge military personnel to the "50 miles in 20 hours" standard set by Teddy Roosevelt for the enlisted to maintain their commissions. So it seems fitting to have a Captain in the Air Force, 27-year-old Brian Dumm from Colorado Springs, CO, bring home the win this year with his amazing 5:52:02 debut.

Capt. Brian Dumm wins the 2010 JFK 50-miler, photo courtesy of Joe Crocetta, Herald Mail
Oregon's Amy Sproston (6:57:16)  narrowly beat a friend and neighbor for the Women's win.

You can read a full story at the Herald Mail (with video!), and check the results on the JFK Web site. Congrats to all who finished!

- SD


  1., that is a solid performance...nice to see a member of the armed forces bringing home the bling!

  2. BTW-Congrats on the USATF Ultra Runner of the Year award!!!


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