Friday, November 06, 2009

Want to Boston in 2010? Better sign up soon...

Are you planning to do the Boston Marathon in April, 2010? If so, you may want to register ASAP. Rumor has it that it's filling up very quickly this year and may reach capacity as early as next week. I know many of you ran some great BQ times this year, so be sure to commit! Especially you crazies going for the Boston2BigSur Double (remember, you need to sign up for Big Sur AND Boston).

You can register online here for $130.

- SD


  1. I'm all signed up for Boston and the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge! FYI the challenge is full.

  2. Good effort at Lithia Loop marathon Scott. Keep the faith...see you at western states again next year, hopefully!

  3. Thanks for this tip! I qualified in October but have been lazy about registering, thinking, why rush? Just registered!

  4. Thanks, Scott. I just signed up.


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