Saturday, November 21, 2009

Greg Crowther, Devon Crosby-Helms Win JFK50

This just in:

Greg Crowther won the JFK50 today in 5:50:13, just 45 seconds ahead of 2nd place Michael Arnstein. Both get a slot to Western States as part of their prize! Devon Crosby-Helms set a new Women's course record of 6:29:21 for her win (1oth overall), while the indefatigable Meghan Arbogast got 2nd (6:56:05). You can get the rest of the results here:

1, Gregory Crowther 36M 5:50:13
2, Michael Arnstein 32M 5:50:58
3, Matt Woods 30M 5:54:10
4, Hal Koerner 33M 6:05:02
5, Chad Ricklefs 42M 6:06:51
6, Matthew Lavine 35M 6:08:17
7, Oz Pearlman 37M 6:09:39
8, Ben Ingram 32M 6:21:45
9, Jon Lawler 46M 6:24:20
10, Devon Crosby-Helms 27F 6:29:21
11, Scott Jurek 36M 6:31:12
12, Josh Brimhall 34M 6:32:13
13, Andrew Mason 37M 6:34:36
14, David James 31M 6:36:00
15, Timothy Smith 38M 6:44:08
16, Kyle Cashin 39M 6:44:55
17, Vladimir Banas 40M 6:46:22
18, Jeffry Buechler 35M 6:47:40
19, Ian Torrence 37M 6:48:14
20, Bradley Adams 31M 6:49:40
21, Mark Cucuzzella 43M 6:54:06
22, Lucas Marsak 30M 6:54:55
23, Meghan Arbogast 48F 6:56:05
24, Mike Vance 46M 6:59:10
25, Annette Bednosky 42F 7:02:52

Good Luck JFK Runners!

Good luck to the 1,000+ entrants tackling the JFK50 today. We'll be rooting for you!

Sounds like a packed elite field, according to this great article from the Herald-Mail. Devon Crosby-Helms and Meghan Arbogast will take on Annette Bednosky, while the Men's field is ridiculous:

*Hal Koerner, 2x Western States winner.

* Scott Jurek, 7x Western States winner.

*Bob Adams, 29, of Knoxville, Tenn.

*Michael Arnstein, 32, of New York City

*Josh Brimhall, 34, of Henderson, Nev.

*Jason Bryant, 37, of Elkin, N.C.

*Greg Crowther, 36, of Seattle

*Wynn Davis, 28, of River Falls, Wis.

*David James, 31, of Somers, N.Y.

*Matt Lavine, 35, of Crystal Lake, Ill.

*Chad Ricklefs, 42, of Boulder, Colo.

*Jim Sweeney, 28, of Albany, N.Y.

*Ian Torrence, 37, of Ashland, Ore.

The Herald-Mail also did a wonderful six-part series interviewing runners from various walks of life tackling the JFK50. It's a great read, and includes some fun photos and video clips with the interviewees:

Part 1 - Couple to finish 3rd JFK together
Part 2 - For Kitchen, JFK is grueling and special
Part 3 - Midshipman to compete in her first ultra at JFK
Part 4 - Greencastle man goes for finish #5
Part 5 - Rhoderick takes JFK in stride
Part 6 - JFK is a family affair for the Louderbacks

Be sure to leave a comment on their great pre-coverage of the event. I would love to see more. You can also check out Tom Sperduto's blog for some awesome pictures (it's always nice to have professional photographers running the event; the photo above is from his blog). Have a great run, everyone!

- SD


  1. Big-time congrats to Greg and Devon (new CR)!

  2. Come join 300+ runners for the first Thanksgiving Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx for the FIRST ANNUAL THANKSGIVING MARATHON!!

    The Thanksgiving Marathon was founded Michael Arnstein, ultra marathoner and triathlete.

    This is a free, fee-less event!!! There are no cut off times or qualifications!! There are no official organizers or sponsors. No permits!! Technically, it’s not completely legal! Ha!

    Will Arnstein and some of his marathon enthusiasts make it to Thanksgiving dinner? Or will they be spending the night downtown in a cell?

    The race starts on the main parade grounds of Van Cortlandt Park, right in front of the Tortoise and Hare statue, we will start promptly at 8:00AM!!! So be there!!!


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