Monday, November 16, 2009

Boston Marathon is Full!

Wow! 25,000 entrants registered by November 15th, and the Boston Marathon has reached capacity and closed for registration well ahead of schedule. I hope you got the previous notice last week!

If not, have no worries. There are plenty of great races going on that same time. You've got the Charlottesville Marathon, the Marin Marathon (following weekend), the Big Sur Marathon (the following weekend), the Salt Lake City Marathon, the Kansas Marathon, the River City Marathon in Sacramento, the Diablo Marathon, the Skyline to the Sea 50k (following weekend), the Ruth Anderson 50k/50m/100k, the Leona Divide 50m, the Sunsweet Wildflower 50k, and more. And don't forget to register for the Miwok 100k lottery!

We are blessed with riches of opportunity.

- SD


  1. Amazing! The few times I have run it, I never registered this early!

  2. So, are you in?????

  3. Don't forget the Oakland marathon:

  4. Glad I entered early. Maybe see you in the bus queue there again :)

  5. Thank You for the heads up. Just made it by 2 days. Qualified at MCM and was going to wait, thanks to you I didn't.

  6. They need to lower the time standards if it is going to fill up this fast. Make the runners earn it more. It seems like it is too easy to qualify for if 25,000 people can sign up over 5 months before the race.

    That is cool about the Leona still being on. Rumor had it that is was dead. That is sweet that Keira is the new RD. I know where I will be in April.


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