Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The New Runner's World iPhone App

Today, Runner's World announced the availability of their new iPhone App that allows you to see their 100+ shoe reviews, find the closest running specialty store that has it in your size, and even put it on hold to come in and try on. In addition, they have some great videos to help you understand what kind of shoe is right for you, how to properly tie your shoes (apparently I've been doing it wrong for years), and more.

If this sounds a little bit like my company, NearbyNow, that's because it's based on our technology. In one of those star-aligning moments my work and passions have collided! Now I'm blogging about it to make the trifecta complete. ;-)

The free Runner's World Shoe Shop iPhone App has some pretty cool features. You can:

Search all the 100+ shoes from their Shoe Guide, or search by brand or price range:

Check out their videos to learn about pronation, find the right shoe for you, and even the proper way to tie your shoes (which is surprisingly enlightening):

Browse shoes by category:

Find the closest store to you that has the product, buy online, or forward to a friend so they can find the shoe near them:

Read the Runner's World review:

When you find the closest store, you can enter your size and the NearbyNow Concierge team will confirm your size is available and e-mail/text you back:

Cool, huh? I'm already finding it helpful to scope new shoes, find stores in new areas, and (ahem) learn to tie my shoes correctly. A handy free App for runners.

If you're a blogger, please do me a favor and steal these pics to blog about it yourself! If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, download it and let me know what you would like to see next. Thanks in advance for spreading the word...

Happy running!

- SD


  1. Congratulations!

    As an iPhone developer and runner - your blog is on my "must-read" list - I find this to be a great app.

    I also noticed the other apps from your company service magazines - my background is in publishing, so exciting to see innovations on that (much needed) industry.

  2. Cool idea. Downloading it now.

  3. The only thing faster than your running stride is your mind. You blow me away on a regular basis - I'm so impressed. When passion and work collide, you know you are in your sweet spot. Nice. Love Kik

  4. Now all you/they need is a version for the Palm Pre...

  5. Scott,

    The app looks great! My only suggestion would be the angle of the pictures of some of the shoes makes it hard to get a good sense of the shoe. But I guess that is on the Runner's World end.

  6. Kik beat me too it -a perfectly harmoniously union of work and hobby. I'm just jealous that you are only 3.77 miles away from Zombie Runner.

    Cheers, PC

  7. Great suggestions!

    To Palm and Blackberry users - I know you guys don't get the cool apps first usually. We've done some research, and it turns out that only 5-9% of you know how to download an app and would be willing to do so (iPhone is more like 80%). So we usually start with the iPhone. It's quite an empire Apple is building over there. ;-)

    Thanks Kik and Paul! You're right that 3.77 miles from Zombie Runner is the coolest feature.


  8. First off, this blog is awesome!

    I'm relatively new to distance running, but have been looking for a place to find out a lot more about it. I'm definitely going to favorite this.

    The link about pronation in this specific post was both very cool and very helpful. I wish i had an Iphone, too. The new app you developed seems like a would be pretty cool, and useful, to have on hand!

  9. Scott - Downloaded the app and it works great. Quick question - how is your technology validating that my SIZE is in? I run a small business and wish I could say my inventory data was accurate.

    Also a suggestion - would love to see running apparel in here. I don't change my shoes much, but i'm always changing clothes with the seasons to get the latest.

    One thing I've always hoped for is a marathon guide App for big races like the Chicago Marathon, Boston, etc. It would be so handy to have a guide, something that let me follow the race while I was in it, where to eat, where to celebrate, that sort of thing.


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  11. Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool ideas.


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