Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fund Set Up to Help Erik Skaggs

The Rogue Valley Runners blog has an update about Erik Skaggs, who is doing better. The blog mentions a Fund set up to help him with the mounting medical bills associated with his treatment for renal failure.

One of the great things about our community of ultrarunners is when we rally to help those in need. I put my check in the mail today - please consider doing the same when you have a chance. Here's where to send it:
"Many friends throughout the ultrarunning community have already asked how they can help. One of Erik’s biggest concerns is the mounting medical bill. Erik does not have health insurance. He may be eligible for some assistance through his membership with USA Track and Field, but will no doubt require monies for the deductible and for the expected costs well above the coverage. An Ashland runner and friend of Erik’s has opened a bank account at Umpqua Bank in Ashland, Oregon to receive donations that will be used to help defray these medical expenses. You can contribute by sending a check to Umpqua Bank, 250 N. Pioneer Street, Ashland, OR 97520 made out to the “Erik Skaggs Medical Fund.” Any assistance that you could provide would be much appreciated by Erik. Please note that the Fund name should be on the outside of the envelope."
Thanks for your support!

- SD


  1. Thank you for posting. Our running club will be sending our prayers and funds.

  2. I can't believe he doesn't have health insurance. That's just incredibly irresponsible for someone doing the kinds of an ultranunner does.

  3. Irresponsible is assuming you know the entire story before passing judgment - for now let's get him well and deal with the wisdom of his actions later. Best wishes to Erik and his family - and to yours. May you never lose your job or your insurance.

  4. There are thousands of people who are in debt due to medical bills, and it ruins their lives. Just because this guy runs a fast race, why does he think people who don't know him should send him their money? I can see friends and family helping out, but anything beyond that does not make sense.

  5. If any of your readers happen to be looking for a spot in the NYC Marathon this year we have a few gauranteed charity entries still available and they can send an email to for additional information.

  6. We will send something. Thank you for posting the information.

  7. Hey guys, you know the rules. If you want to leave an opinion or have a controversial statement, please sign your name. Otherwise I reserve the right to delete them.

    Erik, like all USATF runners, are insured to a certain degree. The coverage is minimal ($10k max), but at least it's something. It sure would be great to see an organization like USATF go above and beyond for one of their champions. It could do wonders for their membership drive.


  8. Scott D. Thanks for the post, and Scott N. thanks for your excellent response to anonymous.

    I hope to send some money to help Erik out after my next payday.

  9. Firstly, best wishes to Erik and his family. Secondly, Scott, this post touched on something that I've always been curious about as a relatively new "distance" runner (I just did my first half marathon) - but that is not often discussed on blogs - how does the body react to ultras post-racing? I know everyone is different (and fortunately, renal failure is not the norm), but would be really interested in your take on recovery from ultras! Thanks so much and stay well!

  10. Mr Anonymous (re:why should strangers send money), you are unbelievably lame.
    In that vein, why should anyone help anyone they don't know? No one is saying you personally have to help. But, for the good of everyone, shut your pie hole.
    Being kind is much more helpful. Learn some manners.

    Rod Bien
    Bend, Oregon

  11. Anon #2 - Aside from the bad grammer, are you even remotely aware of how many people in this country cannot afford health insurance? How does this make one irresponsible? Is he only supposed to pursue a job and/or passion that includes extensive health insurance? Do you know how many world class rock/alpine climbers have health insurance? Very few. And the risk of their profession is 100 fold compared to ultra running. Common man, you get some responsibility and educate yourself to the real world.

    Anon #3 - Are you serious? How did you extract from the article that because Erik ran well he feels people should send him money? I read no such quote or any mention of him asking anyone for money. Sour grapes on your side?
    I'm sending him a little money and I don't even know him ! And, I am unemployeed. Now that must blow your mind!
    And let me remind you that we live in the most generious and giving country on the planet and that is what makes our country so great! Charity brother!

    Scott, did you see that Camelbak is introducing flow meters for next year? I think someone owes you free product or cash:)

  12. Wishing Erik a fast and full recovery. That said, this thread reinforces the need for health care reform. Personally, I hope it does contain a public option. For those who disagree, why don't you believe the government can run it properly you trust them with tanks, guns, and nuclear weapons. If you fear Socialism, get real! This country is above all a democracy, and if the public option isn't a viable health care option, the market will kill it.

  13. Man this really sucks for Erik. I have a high sweat rate and I am always worried about the impact hydration is going to have on my kidneys. I think this is also a wake up call for all of us ultra runners on the potential problems associated with our use and often abuse of Ibuprofen. Erik if you read this keep a positive attitude and get well!

    Ultra Grumpy So. Cal.

  14. Mikaël Turchetti, Lyon (France)9/25/2009 06:42:00 AM

    Wishing Erik a fast and full recovery. Seen from here (France), this health insurance problematic and current hard discussions about
    health care reform are difficult to understand. Anyway, I will be happy contribute sending some funds.


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