Friday, January 30, 2009

PA/USATF Ultra Series Schedule Posted

For you California runners, the PA/USATF ultra series schedule has now been posted. It looks like Way Too Cool 50k is back on the agenda, and the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 is being added to replace the about-to-disappear Rio de Lago 100. Up to 7 of the 16 race results will count towards your score, per usual.

Here are some other great trail running Series competitions for 2009 in the area: Series (best 3 or more of 8 races)
Pacific Coast Trail Runs Series (scores for Top 10 overall and age group, best of 20+)
Envirosports King/Queen of the Mountain (best of 8 races)
Oregon Ultra Trail Series (best 4 of 7 races)
XTerra Trail Run Series (short course, regional and national championships)
Trail Runner Trophy Series (the more you run, the more points you get)

Plenty of excuses to do lots of racing!



  1. Hi Scott,

    The Montrail Ultra Cup is also a race series in which points are awarded at seven races - including four in Northern California.

    RIP Rio del Lago, I'll be sad to see that one go :-(

    Cheers, PC

  2. Thanks Scott! Do you know of any racing series closer to Boise, Idaho?

  3. Good point, Paul. The Montrail Series still has four races left, which are all in CA. In fact I'm trying to hit them all to get that fancy jacket Montrail is promising. ;-)

    Tony -

    I'm not sure of any trail run series in Boise, but I suspect you could find out from one of these folks:

    Hope that helps!


  4. Here's the Washington State Ultra Trail Series:

  5. I need to move south so I can participate in these races more often. I am missing out on a lot of fun.

    So many cool little cash.

  6. 14th June 2009: Triathlon Trail Les Medes-Montgrí (Estartit, SPAIN)

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    30km bike mountain
    12km mountain running

    Irontrail rxt circuit is the catalonia’s premier off-road multisport event. An extreme competition, the Triathlon Trail Les Medes-Montgrí format combines swimming with mountain biking and trail running. It has been described as one part triathlon, one part mountain bike race, and one part “survival of the fittest”.

    The Irontrail circuit motto is “Live More”, and we encourage athletes to get out and go off, travel and explore, meet new people, and stay active with sport.

    more info:



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