Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Josh Cox Breaks American 50k Record with 2:47:17

(for the 2011 50k American Record, go here)

Elite marathoner (and now ultramarathoner) Josh Cox used the 2009 Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon as a starting point to set a new USA Track & Field record for 50 kilometers with an official time of 2:47:17. He bettered the previous road 50K record by over four minutes set in 2002 by Alex Tilson of Palo Alto, CA.

(from RunnersWeb)

"My legs felt fine, but I was having a hard time keeping fluids down," said Cox, who leading up to the race had his sights set on the world best 2:42:10. "It was tough out there, but the crowd support really helped, especially once I got going around the track. I was training such that even though it was an off day, I still got the American record."

Cox overcame two bathroom breaks and an upset stomach, which plagued him over the first 20 miles of the race. His marathon split of 2:20:32 was his best time in the last two years and good for ninth place overall. His final lap on the track was clocked at 71 seconds.

"Marathon is still my sport and 2012 is my goal," added Cox, referring to the Olympic Games in London. "But like when running 50 miles helped my performance in college track, these types of efforts will hopefully help my marathon running. I'd love to come back again and try to lower my time."


  1. BTW, the pic is Josh Cox showing off his split goal times he wrote on his arms.

  2. Pretty impressive considering all the vomiting and crapping :)

    Think he was shooting for a 2:12-2:14 marathon split (which I'm not sure he still has in him), but 2:20:XX with 5+ miles to go is still nothing to scoff at!

  3. He actually won the Mountain Masochist 50 Mile race back in 1997. I believe he was still a student at Liberty then. Ran 6:57.

  4. Hi Josh,

    Congratulations on your 50-K record ... in spite of the gastric problems! But you didn't have to have the stomach issues; you should be using Gookinaid Vitalyte ... and check the info on "Endurance Events and Gastrolintestinal Problems" on their webs site at www.Vitalyte.com and/or ask Meb Keflezighi or members of the U. S. Olympic Race Walking Team about it.

    Bill Gookin

  5. Damn thats impressive


  6. If you can't get Meb to let you have some of his Gookinaid Vitalyte, let me know and I'll get some to you.


  7. Why is it that I'm just as impressed by the record as I am by how ripped that man is? Serious abs...wow!

  8. Omg, that is an amazing time for the 50k!!

  9. I've been waiting for some elite or aspiring elite marathoner to go that extra 5 miles and do 50k. And then says he wants to come back. Cool. We can count him as one of ours. And, yes nice abs.

  10. Damn straight

    Josh Cox Arizona 2009

    Devout man

  11. That is sooo awesome. I'd love to see him do a 50 miler. Now that he's got a little taste - I bet he'll be back.
    I've watched his core video on Runner's World - proof the plank works!

  12. Has anyone tried homeopathic growth hormone oral spray? I hear that it's legal for over the counter sales and is very gentle on the system.

  13. Impressive!
    Regarding the abs comments...aren't those his ribs you're seeing trough his skinny chest? My abs (not to be seen though) are a lot lower

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