Thursday, January 08, 2009

Need a New Extreme Sport? Try Wingsuit Basejumping...(video)

Just when I thought us ultrarunners were the craziest, Marco Denson sends me this link about Norwegian wingsuit basejumpers who "got bored" and decided to fly 100+ mph within a few feet of huge cliffs. DANG.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


  1. BTW, the little icon next to the word Vimeo will blow it up full screen.


  2. Gotta be fake....I don't see the trailing line of yellow pee that'd be streaming behind anyone crazy enough to really do this!

  3. That was very fast Scott! I was thinking that when Dean Karnazes sees this, he's going to want to do it.

    Marco D.

  4. Yowzer, that is extreme to the max! But I agree with previous comment, where the yellow pee or ....? :>) M

  5. I had to check the timestamp on your post to see who posted this first. I win ;-)

  6. Actually I win - March, 2008. :)

    See HERE.

    CRAZY people!

  7. Dang, you win Brett. Can I get honorable mention since I actually own a wingsuit?

  8. "Can I get honorable mention since I actually own a wingsuit?"

    HA HA HA!

    Man that stuff is crazy, but you can tell how good they are. Daredevils with a minor in aerospace engineering and thermodynamics to figure out all the correct angles and trajectories. You only get to make 1 mistake in that business...

  9. Omg, that is truly crazy!!!! I've actually seen this on a commercial but didn't think it was real!

  10. Scott,
    the 2009 miwok entrants have been posted. congrats you are on the list. See you at the start.

    Marco D

  11. It's all very impressive until the guy hits a cliff and gets paralyzed and is stuck in a hospital with bed sores and a catheter for the rest of his life.


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