Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm in the Death Ride this year!

My lottery number came up, so I'm in the 2007 Death Ride! Five passes, 129 miles, 15' vertical feet...should be awesome. I've been trying to get into this race for years.

Unfortunately, it's the week before the TRT 100, so I may have to hold back on trying the whole ride so that I don't jinx my first 100-mile run. Luckily the Death Ride is designed to let people drop out at different points along the ride. I'll make sure I hold back, then use the week between the two events in Tahoe to acclimate.

Time to hit the hills!

- SD


  1. Sounds fun. Congrats for getting in!

  2. Scott:
    You're redefining tapering.
    Congrats on getting in!

  3. Sounds like it'll be a great time! Congratulations on being picked in the lotto. I'm actually thinking about trying to do TRT for my first 50k, so maybe I'll see you there! I think I'll be sticking with a more conventional taper though :)

  4. Congrats on getting in. I am in no way jealous. My feeling is if you don't overthrash yourself, you can kick some major butt for the Tahoe run, which sounds like your priority.

  5. Well Scott if you were attempting the Leadman in Leadville, CO you would have to do the 100 mile MTN bike race the week before the 100 run. Just think of it as only half the time of torture or less compared to the TRT 100 miler.
    God luck and congrats.

  6. Wow! thats a tough double. Goodluck and I am sure you will relish the TRT 100 finish even more.

  7. Hey, I got in, too! My first attempt at entry, guess they like out-of-staters (Maui). I just started training again, after a 2 year layoff & turning 50, back in March for this so I'm cramming!! Lots of rides up Haleakala. Anyone have suggestions for gearing on the ride? I'm currently using 53/39 12/25 and typically climbing the crater on my 19, 21 & 23 so figured on using the 25 for a bailout... do I need a 27?

    Good luck Scott, see you there - Mauri on Maui

  8. Great, Mauri! Hope to see you there.

    I've heard it is STRONGLY recommended to have a 27 if you can. I pretty much use one all the time, so I will have one. I imagine near the end you'll be happy to be able to spin...



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