Thursday, March 22, 2007

Endurance and Trail Running Podcasts

I'm not sure how many of you listen to podcasts, but there are some pretty good ones out there for endurance athletes. I thought I might pass on a few links in case you're looking for great, free content.


EndurancePlanet has always had great 10-20 minute interviews with endurance athletes, and is one of the few that has interviews with folks such as Scott Jurek, Gillian Robinson, and Bernie Boettcher. EndurancePlanet was recently bought by Kevin Patrick, who has put more of a multi-sport emphasis on the content, but has also made the production much more professional. I don't mean to knock Izzy, the original interviewer - it was amazing what he could do in a single take interview - but now the production is professionally packaged and a bit easier on the ears. Definitely check out the recent podcasts on the Barkley Marathon (one finisher in the 20+ years of running it), and trail running featuring the KC Trail Nerds (rock on, BadBen!).

The Competitors Radio Show

Hosts Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle are hilarious in their long format interviews of triathlon pros, cycling greats, performance medicine specialists, and coaches. It's a great way to hear the scoop on Ironman races directly from the front runners. Check out the 1 hour post-Ironman interview with 2nd place finisher Chris McCormack, and Badwater/Ultraman competitor David Goggins.

The Final Sprint Podcast

The Final Sprint Web blog/Web site is frequently updated with running news and micro-stories about products and tips. Their podcasts features 8-10 minute interviews with pro and amateur runners, coaches, and folks with new books out. The quality of the podcast is definitely more amateur than the rest (I love when you can hear the host exhale loudly when the content gets dull), but the content is typically original and interesting.


If you're looking for a dance/electronica mix all set at the same BPM, then PodRunner is the place. I've found this to be good background music for long runs where you want to sustain a fast turnover. Since there are rarely lyrics, it's not nearly as distracting.

I'm sure there are other good ones, but this is what's on my iPod. You can find all of these within iTunes by searching for their name. If you know of others, be sure to leave a comment and point us to it!

Thanks, SD


  1. On another note -

    My apologies for those who got flooded with RSS updates of old postings in the last couple of days. I upgraded to the new version of Blogger and went through the old stories to make sure they were tagged, not knowing that some blog readers get new posts for every update, not just every post. Thus, you just got 300 updates! I have it fixed in Feedburner now, so it shouldn't be a problem for most of you. For the rest, there may be a few more - sorry about that.

    Thanks, SD

  2. Scott -

    The LaSalle Chicago Marathon did a great series with Hal Higdon leading up to last years marathon. Each lesson was 2-3 minutes - I put them in between songs during my runs to remind me to focus on form and stuff. You can find it on itunes.


  3. "Get Your Geek On" is a triathlon podcast but there's plenty of interest for runners. They do interviews with manufacturers of sports supplements, coaches, etc. A recent episode covered off the mental approach to long distance events and covered of visualisation amongst others.

  4. I believe their are now 6 finishers of the Barkley marathon 100 miler. However, 2 of the finishers were DQ'd for cutting an 80 meter section of the course in 2001. Interesting race for sure. Great links Scott, I gotta try this podcast stuff out!

  5. scott,
    thanks for posting pod casts. see you at silver state and jeff will be doing TRT 100 also three weeks after states.
    tom riley

  6. Scott -

    Speaking of podcasts...what sort of ear buds do you use when you run? I used successfully the original ear buds that came with my iPod (purchased over a year ago) until I stepped on them a month ago. Since then, I've had no luck with new Apple ear buds and another brand. Neither will stay in my ears when I run.



  7. Jim -

    Thanks for stopping by. I use the Bose "hook on" earphones, but I think they have been discontinued. I'm with you in that I can't get the Apple phones to stay in my ear. The around the ear hook is much better.


  8. I hope that they interview Tony Krupicka.

  9. Thanks for doing this Scott - I love these podcast, and actually listened to the ones you listed prior to the article. Thank God that there is finally some multimedia out there for runners and triathletes.

    Anyways - I also thought it was pretty cool to see that one of the podcasts you listed (The Final Sprint Podcast) actually just interviewed the creator of another one that you listed (Podrunner). It is actually a pretty funny episode and talks about training with music, the whole phenomenon of podcasting for athletes, etc.

    The link is: "TFS Podcast 42: Interview with Podrunner’s DJ Steve Boyett"

    Anyways, thanks again for doing the article/review of podcasts


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