Friday, March 09, 2007

Best California Trails in Adventure Sports Journal

Check out the latest Adventure Sports Journal to get some trail tips from the locals, including me, Catra Corbett, PCTrailRuns Wendell and Sarah Doman, George Lake, Mike Erbe, Terri Schneider, and Francesca Stone. Catra even made the cover!

Here's the photo of me and Rocky on the Tahoe Rim Trail that accompanies the article. I just love this one with his ears going straight up. ;-)

(Rocky and me scoping the Tahoe Rim Trail, photo courtesy of Christi Dunlap)


  1. Scott!
    I was perusing info on ultra trail runs ans somehow saw your blog...It does not surprise me that you are now an uber ultra runner...I remember your dad's obsession well. I am old friend from's Mac?

    Corey Martin

  2. I'll have to try an find a copy of that magazine. I don't suppose they list any Orange County trails as best in California? We always get over looked but that's okay I'll do my part to help change that :)

  3. What a GREAT photo! Thanks for sharing! I'm still a treadmill newbie...I hope to get to where you are someday...It's a process.

  4. Hey Scott -

    FYI, the next issue of Trail Runner includes a feature story on the East Bay trails.

    - Garett

  5. Nice photo, I've never even heard of that magazine but it sounds like a good article. I notice you have Rocky on a leash, is that typical for you on trails? Just curious because this is often a dilemma for me. I prefer to have my dogs off leash when running, but it's not always safe or considerate to wildlife, horseback riders etc. I go off leash on the Rim Trail though.

  6. I have no problem with good dogs off leash and enjoy meeting them on the trials. Rocky, I'm afraid, isn't very consistent with "come" or "heel", especially when there are squirrels to be chased. So he gets the leash. ;-)

    Corey - thanks for touching base! I can't believe it has been over 20 years since we cruised Eugene on our BMX bikes. Maybe there is some connection between childhood BMX and ultra running? Let me know where your next race is. You'll be happy to know my dad's obsession is still going strong, and has moved to the trails.


  7. Hi Scott,
    I've enjoyed your site for some time now - thanks for all your work! I wanted to mention a book I published recently. "Getting to the Point. In a dozen pairs of shoes." It's the story of my 4,800 mile solo trail run across the United States. It's available through Amazon or my website:
    I'm slowly trying to run across all 50 states on foot (28 down so far) and am currently dabbling in ultra races. Perhaps I'll get to meet you at one.
    Thanks again!

    Brian Stark

  8. I've never even heard of that magazine but it sounds like a good article.

  9. Nice blog, Scott.
    I'll be back
    [after my trail run ;-)]


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