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Van Phan, Hugh Davis leading the Trail Runner Mag Trophy Series

Hanging Tough - Leaders maintain position; women dominate Ultra division

JULY 27, 2006, CARBONDALE, COLORADO—With 63 races tallied, the 2006 Trail Runner Trophy Series—sponsored by LaSportiva and Golite—enters its final two months of competition. And throughout the summer, early season leaders, Hugh Davis (Marathon & Shorter Division) of Tell City, Indiana, and Van Phan (Ultra Division) of Maple Valley, Washington, both maintained their positions at the top of the pack. Although not household names, these runners have amassed big points by exhibiting a willingness to travel to numerous races and placing high in their respective divisions.

In its third season, the Trail Runner Trophy is the world’s largest off-road running series, and will attract over 20,000 runners from North America and Canada. Encompassing over 110 races, the Series offers two divisions: Ultramarathon and Marathon and Shorter. For complete information on the Trophy Series, including race schedule, scoring, rules and news—please visit

Chicks Rule
In the Ultra division, women hold seven of the top 10 slots, with Van Phan, 35, tightening her grip on to the overall lead, bolstered by wins in the Lake Youngs Ultra, Washington (4th-place overall), a fast-paced 28.8-miler, and Blackfoot Ultra (100K), in Edmonton, Canada.

(Van Phan at The PigTails Race, 2006; photo courtesy of tonymaniac3) ->

Nipping on Phan’s heels is Tracy Thomas, 44, of Champaign, Illinois. Thomas moved into second with her win in the 100-mile race at the Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs, Wisconsin. In third is ultrarunning heavy hitter Nikki Kimball, 35, of Bozeman, Montana, who took first place—third overall—in the sweltering heat of this year’s Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, California.

The top male Ultra division contender is Graham Cooper, 36, of Oakland, California, who also took top honors at Western States, where a dramatic finish-line incident took out race leader Brian Morrison (see Trail Runner No. 41 for a report).

Top 10: Trophy Series Ultra Division

  1. Van Phan, 1088.2 points

  2. Tracy Thomas, 901.8 points

  3. Nikki Kimball, 772 points
  4. Sue Johnston, 681.2 points
  5. Darcy Africa, 600 points
  6. Graham Cooper, 574 points
  7. Beverley Anderson-Abbs, 560 points
  8. Todd Nott, 448 points
  9. Erik Skaden, 431 points
  10. Christine Crawford, 430 points

Midwestern Heat
In the Marathon & Shorter division, cohorts Hugh Davis, 42, and Brian Beckort, 33, hail from the metropolis of Tell City in southern Indiana, and have taken to the air and road to attend Trophy Series races across the country. Recent ticks include the Lake Mingo Trail Run (7.1 miles), Illinois, and Berryman Trail Run (marathon), Missouri, where Davis took second place in his age group and fourth overall. In the same race, Beckort took first overall in a quick time of 3:22.

Adam Blum, 42, of Los Gatos, California, rounds out the top three, and holds the current top standing for running the most Trophy Series races, with a whopping 16 races.

In the women’s Marathon & Shorter division, Annette Van Baalen, 38 of Laramie, Wyoming, has the lead over Anne Kilgore, 50, of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Gail Leedy, 52, of Laramie, Wyoming.

Top 10: Marathon & Shorter division

  1. Hugh Davis, 492.3 points

  2. Brian Beckort, 401.9 points

  3. Adam Blum, 305.7 points

  4. Annette Van Baalen, 204.8 points

  5. Anne Kilgore, 170 points

  6. Gail Leedy, 169.8 points

  7. Ben Nephew, 135 points

  8. Christian Hendrickson, 129.8 points

  9. Don Frichtl, 126.1 points

  10. Jeff Young, 125.8 points

At the Series close, we will award 18 champions each a prize package worth over $700, packed with great products from Trophy Series sponsors.


Trail Runner is the country’s leading magazine for off-road running enthusiasts and athletes. In-depth editorial and compelling photography informs, entertains and inspires readers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors and to improve their health and fitness through the sport of trail running.

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  1. From the Trophy Series rules:

    "Grand Prize: The Trophy Series participant completing the most Trophy Series races will receive a Grand Prize Trip package from La Sportiva. Any Trophy Series event, regardless of distance category, will count toward the participant’s total."

    Scott - do you know why they don't list the current leader in the grand prize "division"? I think a lot of people wrongly assume (as I did) that division winners -- Van Phan for example -- are the actual contenders for the Grand Prize. Your take? Thanks!!


  2. Last year they did a better job of tracking the Grand Prize by showing the number of races each contestant had. In fact, they saved me a lot of money since I saw Dale Reicheneder was too far ahead to catch within the first few months!

    They do mention the current leader in the press release:

    "Adam Blum, 42, of Los Gatos, California, rounds out the top three, and holds the current top standing for running the most Trophy Series races, with a whopping 16 races."

    Last year, it took 24 races to win (Dale did 27 actually, but the results were sent in for only 24 so only 24 counted). I suspect you'll need to be near that to win again this year.


  3. Mr. Dunlap -

    When are you going to stop talking about running and tell us about your Google-killer, NearbyNow, Inc.? Stealth mode is for pussies. B-)


  4. Eric -

    NearbyNow is now live -- check out how you can shop the entire Eastridge Mall from their web site. 500,000+ products ready to cool is that?

    I'm not sure if I would call it a "Google killer". Google is doing a great job making the world searchable. It's just not helpful when you need to search for things nearby (just type in "jeans san jose, ca" and you'll see what I mean...big fat donut for local jeans, and 10 million results that mean exactly jack squat). NearbyNow is fixing this. We will make it easy to search "my world" instead of "the world".

    If you want to chat, just send e-mail from our corporate web site. I don't think the ultrarunners dig much on searchable malls. ;-)



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