Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mark Covert has run every morning for 38 years (and counting)

No kidding. Check out this article from the LA Daily News that interviews Antelope Valley College Track Coach Mark Covert about his 38 year, 23 day, 130,000+ mile streak. Each morning, rain or shine, he has run at least one mile. He started in high school and hasn't stopped yet!

"Put in perspective, Cal Ripken's streak of 2,632 consecutive

Baltimore Orioles - the most widely known barometer of durability in sports - trails Covert's mark by more than 11,000 days."
Covert just passed the existing national record by Bob Ray, but has Jon Sutherland, an old high school friend, hot on his tail with a 37 year, 83 day, 171,000 mile streak going. Talk about tenacity!

- SD


  1. That's right im so lucky he's my coach

  2. Mark Covert was my college coach and he is truly an amazing person

    manny perales

  3. covert rules!!!!!

    irvin garcia

  4. Covert was also my college coach at LA Valley College and he is truly an amazing person in every way.


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