Monday, August 14, 2006

SEAL's use ultrarunning as a recruiting tool

The HURT Hawaii folks found this great article about how Navy SEAL's are using ultrarunning as a recruiting tool. Fifth place Badwater finisher David Goggins was actually recruiting along the way! Now THAT is bad ass. ;-)
"His work is part of the military's new efforts to boost significantly the ranks of special-operations forces, including the SEALs, by attracting high-endurance athletes...This year, SEAL recruiters like Goggins are fanning out to 60 triathlons, extreme-sports events and college swimming and wrestling camps."
Read the full article by Online San Diego to get the rest.

Cheers, SD


  1. I have to give the SEAL's credit on this one. It's one thing to hand out brochures, but it's another thing altogether to recruit WHILE running 135 miles in the 120 degree heat! Those guys deserve their bonuses.


  2. Are there many Navy SEAL age people running Badwater? I got the impression Badwater was mostly folks in their 40's.


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