Saturday, January 21, 2006

Marcy Schwam - One of the Original Ultra Legends

The Marblehead Reporter (MA) recently interviewed Marcy Schwam, one of the pioneer woman ultrarunners. Marcy set numerous world records in the 70's and 80's, including the 100k (as the first woman to break 8 hours), 100-mile (15:44), 24- and 48-hour races. She was also the first woman to break 6 hours in a 50-mile, complete a 6-day race, and many more.

The article does a good job of going over her European and US triumphs, her head-to-head competition with Sue Ellen Trapp, and Marcys fond recollection of charting new ground.

Last year, Marcy was inducted in the two-year old Ultra-running Hall of Fame (selected by the American Ultrarunning Association). I didn't even know that existed, but there you go.

(Photo of Marcy Schwam with the trophy she won for being the first woman to finish the Cleavland Marathon, courtesy of Marblehead Reporter staff photographer, Robert Branch - be sure to click here for the full story)


  1. Wow, she is very accomplished. LOVE that trophy, wouldn't that be nice to have!

  2. Gee! So cool!
    And I just noticed the link to Sunsweet series, shortly after I heard about it. Looks like fun:)


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