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How to Get On the 2006 Teva US Mountain Running Team

For all you speed demons out there looking to qualify for the Teva US Mountain Running Team, check out the press release below. This year's world championship race is in Turkey, and will literally be "all uphill". Perhaps the next Simon Gutierrez is out there ready to take on the world(s)!


2006 Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team Selection Process

The Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team will compete in the 22nd World Mountain Running Trophy in Bursa, Tureky on Sunday, September 10. This year’s Trophy races are uphill events (as opposed to odd-numbered years when the events are held on up/down courses) with the senior men running 12km, the senior women and junior men running 8.5km, and the junior women running 3.4km.

The women’s team includes four athletes with the top three finishers scoring for the team. Six athletes will represent the men’s team with the top four finishers scoring. The junior men’s team includes a maximum of four with top three scoring while the junior women’s team is a maximum of three with the top two scoring. Team leader Richard Bolt, Nashua, New Hampshire, junior team manager Dave Dunham, Bradford, MA, and women’s team manager Ellen Miller, Vail, CO will accompany the team to Turkey.

At the USATF annual convention in Jacksonville, FL in December 2005, the Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT) Council chose three races from which automatic qualifiers to the U.S. team will be selected. The USA Mountain Running Championships will be hosted by Mt. Washington slated for June 17 in Gorham, NH. The top three U.S. men and the top U.S. women finisher at Mt. Washington will receive automatic berths on the team. The Loon Mountain Race, a 10Km, on June 24 in Lincoln, NH will serve as the second selection race where the top U.S. man will receive an automatic berth. Traveling to the Rockies on July 9 competitors will enjoy the third and final selection race, the Vail Mountain Trophy Race in Vail, CO. In Vail the top U.S. male and top U.S. female finisher will receive an automatic team berth.

The remaining members of the squad, (one male, one female), will be selected by the Mountain Ultra Trail Council with input from the team staff based on results at the selection races, past World Trophy events, national and international racing experience including mountain, road, cross country, and track. Athletes MUST run a selection race in order to be considered for the team. To be considered for the team all team members MUST be current USATF members prior to running a selection race. Interested athletes should submit running resumes to:

Richard Bolt ( and Nancy Hobbs (
The team will be selected based on the following criteria (Note: Must be current USATF members prior to the selection race):

* The top three U.S. males and the top two U.S. female finishers at the USA Mountain Running Championships (June 17) receive automatic berths.
* The top U.S. male finisher at the Loon Mountain Race (June 24) receives automatic berth.
* The top U.S. male and top US. woman finisher at the Vail Mountain Trophy Race (July 9) receive automatic berths.

The remaining team members will be selected by the 24-member Mountain Ultra Trail Council with input from the team staff based on:

Ø Results in the above named races.

Ø Prior World Mountain Running Trophy performances.

Ø International mountain results.

Ø National mountain results.

Ø Regional mountain results.

Ø Trail and road results.

Juniors Team Selection – 2006 Teva US Mountain Running Team

For team consideration, the junior athlete:

· Must have posted a 16:45 or better (junior men) and 19:30 or better (junior women) in a 5K road or cross country event. (Equivalent times – from an alternate race distance that translate to the aforementioned time criteria – will be considered for distances other than 5Km.)

· Must have experience running (in training and preferably racing) on courses similar to the event.

· Must be mature, motivated, with a positive attitude to proudly represent the United States and sponsors internationally, under the rules of USATF and the event governing bodies.

· A letter of recommendation from a coach, parent, or mentor-runner must accompany the athlete resume.

Resumes (including road, trail, track, and cross country results and current training info) will be accepted through July 15. Late breaking information and results can be added until July 31. Team members will be announced by August 1, 2006.

For additional information visit the websites listed below:

USA Mountain Running Championships

Loon Mountain Race

Vail Mountain Trophy Race

World Mountain Running Association

USA Track & Field

World Mountain Trophy 2006

All American Trail Running Association


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