Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Inov-8 To Release New Gore-Tex Shoes

Inov-8 is giving some hints to the new product announcements expected at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market next week. Gore-Tex, gaiters, and Roclites, oh my!

Just in time for Rucky Chucky in March, where warm and dry were hard to come by last year.


Inov-8® Off Road Footwear Granted GORE-TEX® License

Inov-8®, GORE-TEX® XCR® line of shoes to Premier at Outdoor
Retailer Winter Market Booth 5046

Framingham, MA, January 24, 2006

Inov-8 will launch their new GORE-TEX® XCR® shoes and Advanced Gaiter System at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. Inov-8 will incorporate the GORE-TEX® XCR® waterproof
membrane into three upcoming shoe designs, which will enhance the
effectiveness of Inov-8 shoes in wet, off road conditions. Utilizing
GORE-TEX® XCR®, Inov-8 has also developed a fully integrated detachable
gaiter system providing the runner or walker with a fully waterproof and
breathable system above the ankle joint.

(The new RocLite 285, now with Gore-Tex!)

The combination of Inov-8’s high performance, light-weight, sticky sole
technology and GORE-TEX® waterproof technology will raise the bar for
performance in off-road running shoes. GORE-TEX® XCR® will be featured
in the new Roclite 295 GTX, Roclite 320 GTX and Flyroc 360 GTX and
Advanced Gaiter System (AGS), to premier at Outdoor Retailer Winter
Market January 28 – 31, 2006 in Salt Lake City, UT. “This new GTX
product gives the runner a fully waterproof option in our trail running
line,” said Wayne Edy, founder of Inov-8. “To be granted a GORE-TEX®
license is a testament to the exceptional quality of Inov-8 products and
GORE-TEX® confidence in the Inov-8 brand.”

About Inov-8

Based in "England’s last Wilderness", the North Pennines, Inov-8 is a
British company that is passionate about the specialist off-road running
products we make. Since our launch in 2003, we have become the fastest
growing off-road running brand in the United Kingdom. The Inov-8 design
philosophy is to design footwear around the natural function of the
foot. The Inov-8 range of off road shoes follows the precision shape of
the foot providing the wearer with a secure and precise fit that’s
almost like running barefoot. World Mountain running champions
throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA wear our shoes. We
are committed to providing high quality, functional, lightweight
products that will enhance performance and enjoyment. All of our
products are extensively tested by enthusiasts and elite international
athletes. We continually strive to make high performance, lightweight
and flexible off road running product. Inov-8® is a registered trademark
of INOVEIGHT LTD. All rights reserved. For more information, please
visit www.inov-8.com.


GORE-TEX^® Footwear offers shoes suited for all conditions. The climate
comfort system and durable waterproof protection are the key elements of
all GORE-TEX® shoes. For more than 20 years Gore has been continually
developing membrane technology, shoe components and construction
techniques offered to its brand partners. GORE-TEX® Footwear consists of
two ranges; GORE-TEX® shoes and GORE-TEX® XCR® shoes. GORE-TEX® shoes
are designed to provide ideal climate comfort for all kinds of outdoor
activities even in adverse weather conditions. GORE-TEX® XCR® shoes,
(XCR stands for e*_X_*tended *_C_*omfort *_R_*ange), provides day long
optimum climate comfort in warm temperatures - for the great indoors as
well as the great outdoors.

Shoes designed with the GORE-TEX® lining offer a unique combination of
durable waterproof protection, high breathability and carry Gore’s
unique GORE-TEX® footwear GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise GORE-TEX®,
are trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates.

For media inquiries regarding GORE-TEX® please contact Sally
Ryder-Taylor at Ruse Communications, Gore Footwear UK Press Office via
sally@rusecomm.co.uk or tel. 07793815026.


  1. Scott, when will the gaiter shoes be available? Will you have them at RuckChuck? Where can we get them? - LR

  2. Too bad. GoreTex for trailrunning shoes is a mistake. Cross a stream, and you have water in your shoes that you can't get rid of, (yes, even with gaiters).
    I guess they will be good for running through wet grass, though.

  3. Scott,

    First of all, I have to agree with Ben on the use of GoreTex on trail shoes. I run Inov-8 Terroc's and find they drain extremely well after being fully submerged. I don't imagine that would be the case with GoreTex shoes (any brand, not just Inov-8's)

    Speaking of my Terroc's, I've just discovered a cut in the tread. When I was in REI to see about another pair, the person there, who seemed knowledgeable, said that he's not surprised the shoes didn't last long (about 200 miles) because the Inov-8's are really designed for short fast runs, on hard packed surfaces, and that if I use them for running technical running, or long distances, they will not only wear out quickly, but will beat up my feet.

    I've seen you at a couple of races and know you pretty much only wear Inov-8's, and there's no denying the number of miles you log in them. I'm no ultrarunner, but have noticed really sore feet at the end of runs. What has your experience been? Was that guy at REI smoking something?

    Sorry if this is off-topic.


  4. Answers to your q's:

    When will gaiter shoes be available?

    Inov-8 has some new products coming out in March, but the gaiter shoes and Gore-Tex extensions are due in Fall, from what I understand. You can see demos at the OR show.

    Why Gore-Tex?

    There seems to be some strong opinions about Gore-Tex out there! (check this article too). I don't think anything could keep your toes dry if you're cruising through streams, but Gore-Tex definitely helps. I personally like GT because it keeps my toes warm. Mesh drains well, but my piggies are blocks of ice within a few hours.

    Terroc's and mileage -

    I think the REI guy might have mixed up his Inov-8 shoes. I easily get 350-400 miles out of each pair of Flyrocs and Terrocs. But the Mudroc 280's and Mudclaws have a much softer rubber that seems to wear out in about half that distance (but stick to everything in the meantime - great for short runs like the Dipsea). If it looks like a flaw, just ask REI for a new pair. They have a "no questions refund policy" last I checked. ;-)

    I'm sorry to hear about your foot soreness. I found the Inov-8's to have less structure/padding than other shoes, so I could see that they might take some adjustment. I prefer to have my feet as close to the dirt as possible, so I really like them. I did notice my first few miles in them created a little more heel soreness than usual, but I think it was because I wasn't used to the low profile. It went away within the first couple of runs. I met a guy who upgraded his insoles from some soreness, and was very happy.

    That being said, shoes are about as personal choice as one can get. If it ain't comfortable in the first week or so, move on. Dale Reicheneder ('05 Marathon champ for Trail Runner Magazine) did the whole series in the oldest pair of Nike Air road shoes I've ever seen, and it worked great. To each their own!

    Thanks for the comments guys! I hope your running is going well.


  5. Scott, Just got a pair of the Flyroc 310 for my everyday shoes and love them. I live in the Northbay. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out the British/American translations on the INOV-8 page for types of running :-) (Mountain Running vs Fell Running vs Mountain Marathons)

    Which ones do you see as best fitting the trails around here?


  6. I agree on the translation - it's not exactly 1:1. ;-)

    "Fell Running" and "Mountain Running" are essentially the same thing - short course up (or up and down) a trail on a mountain. The SF equivalent is the Dipsea trail/race - steep, extreme, and made to run at full speed.

    If the distance gets over 30k, I think you're technically in "Trail Running" territory. Around 26 miles, you're definitely in "Mountain Marathon" territory, and anything above is an Ultra.

    If there are no trails, then you're doing "Cross Country".

    Feel free to correct if I'm wrong, but that's my take so far!


  7. Trail Runner Fans!
    I am very fond of the Inov-8 Trail Shoes as well. To my knowledge teh shoes with gators are not yet in production. And, yes, there are two typs of rubber on their soles. A long lasting type and a "sticky" rubber that does not last. My source for the complet line of Inov-8s is from Revel Sports

  8. Having my dry feet when doing anything but submerging them far outweighs wet and cold feet the rest of the time. I find having gore-tex on my feet a great convenience - when I occasionally submerge my shoes, I end up stopping to drain.

  9. I always look for new running trails. It's a common fact that every runner has his own route. What's funny is that some runners have their own secret route, which they won't share with anyone. Anyhow, i'm also a big fan of Goretex, and it is the bomb ! bye bye wet socks.


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