Sunday, March 22, 2015

Scenes From the BayTrailrunner Whiskey Hill Redwood Half Marathon

About 90 runners braved an early morning rain in Huddart Park to run the BayTrailrunners Whiskey Hill Redwood Run Half Marathon/10k, and I got a few pics. You are all welcome to them!

(New teepee on the Chinquapin Trail)

(The amazing Allen Lucas! Love this guy)

(Trees are looking a little furry)

(Aid station sets up for rain)


  1. Hi Scott, enjoying your blog from distant New Zealand, I am wondering if there are any trail running events (up to marathon length, not quite ready for western states...) worth doing in the bay area in June when we will be back for a family holiday?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kiwi Pete

  2. Beautiful!! I wish our SoCal trails were as dark green and cool as those.... i end up running on sand and in the hot hot sun most of the time hahah


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  4. Hi Scott, we almost bumped into each other on my way back before crossing Skyline blvd. Thanks for the photos.


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