Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank you, Way Too Cool, for wanting me!

I nearly bottomed out on the lottery karma this month (0 for 3), but Way Too Cool came to the rescue this morning. Phew! I actually had a cry-in-my-beer blog post drafted called "Hmmm...time to find another sport?". I know I shouldn't anthropomorphize and assume causality in what is essentially a random process, but I can't help it...passion for this sport runs too deep!

Here's how it went in my head:

Hardrock, can I climb your epic peaks and kiss that rock? 

Nope. Because I know you don't really want to do this're just backfilling in case Western States doesn't come through for you.

Western States, oh love of mine, can I toe the line and be an active ambassador for your magical event?

You're kidding, right? We called you a THREE TIME LOSER and you still can't take a hint. In fact, nobody publicly calls you a loser as regularly as the Western States Endurance Run, yet you keep coming back. You're actually a SIX TIME LOSER, but in order to publicly call you that, we had to get rid of that pesky rule that actually allowed losers in. Get a grip, man. You have some serious dependency issues, and there are lots of other 100-milers out of them may be your true soul mate but you won't know until you move on.

And in case you are wondering, no, there isn't going to be a special belt buckle for ten time losers.

Miwok, my old friend, can I share your epic journey?

Sorry, pal. We're already full with people who are training for Hardrock and States.

Way Too Cool, please tell me I am worthy?

Of course! As long as you bring beer and cupcakes. ;-)

The wise person would point out that karma is likely just showing me the wonderful opportunity to volunteer/crew at these great events, camera in hand, and build an even deeper love for the sport. Ah, yes, I hear it now.

But as I am woefully finding out this winter, if I don't have a 100-miler on the agenda, my motivation to train drops significantly. So the design process begins...Massannutten? Rocky? Black Hills? Bighorn? UTMB? Oh, the places we will go!

- SD


  1. Great post (that's a LOT of rejection!). I got in to WTC as well - I'd love to know the details as to what the chances actually ended up being for all these races.

  2. Superior Sawtooth 100. 100 miles of point to point singletrack along the north shore of Lake Superior in MN. Brutal and beautiful. Check it out!

  3. I feel your pain, Scott. I'm 0 for 3 as well. Massanutten is closed though :( that was my third loser. There's still one more left to deny us though, Wasatch!

    I second, Superior Sawtooth. It's a nitty gritty run, with no altitude to deal with.

  4. If only probability theory held that not being selected in other lotteries increased your chances in future ones, I'd say you should try the new Cascade Crest 100 lottery ( But I suppose its just hopeless......or is it?

  5. Scott, check out the Grindstone 100. It's still relatively easy to get into, but probably not for long.....

  6. Massanutten is closed but you can still get on the waitlist before Jan. 4. Rocky is closed, waitlist and all. Maybe Tahoe Rim Trail? Or Cactus Rose west of San Antonio in October is a well run race over tough terrain but not much elevation change.

  7. I also was also lucky enough to get in, which will be my first ultra. I completely thank/blame you and your blog for what I am about to get in to. Hope to meet you there!

  8. Nick, that's awesome! WTC is a super fun race. And there is beer and cupcakes at the end!

    All great suggestions, thanks! I better make up my mind soon...before they all fill up!

  9. angeles crest 100 in july!

  10. Same luck here too. Almost struck out completely until WTC came through. :)
    I vote BIghorn for you.

  11. Couple of other 100s here in Colorado you could try; Run Rabbit Run looks to be a winner even if you're not after to big payday!

  12. SO far I got dissed in WS, Massanutten, and Hurt myself, (didnt bother with miwok or wtk, to far away for a 'shorty') but I came up with a second year in a row for the Empire State Building Run Up, So that took the sting out a bit;)
    I did jump on the Angeles Crest, need to see some LA buddies, and I second the RRR 100 in CO. Looks beautiful, and I got family there. It does butt up against Wasatch though, so I imagine there will be a crush of people for RRR when the Wasatch lottery is drawn. That could be an interesting week and a half, RRR then Wasatch...
    No matter. I'm still looking for vengeance from Bear 100, and a new adventure in Wild Idaho.

  13. Come on up to Seattle, Scott, and run the Cascade Crest. I'll crew for you.

  14. I agree with anonymous above: AC100.

    That race is old school by all accounts. Jim O'Brien's record will be 23 years old next year (an eternity in our world).

    Check out this brilliant video:

  15. Get on a plane and come see some of the UK's best coastline: There are still a few places left.

  16. I really appreciate what you post. You have a new subscriber now.

  17. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. I'm just stopping by random blogs today and checking them out. Also wishing you folk's a healthy and happy new years. Richard from an Amish community in Pennsylvania.


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