Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C is for Chafing (Book Review)

Mark Remy, known to most of us as the hilarious blogger behind Runner's World's RW Daily, has recently released "C is for Chafing", a funny mock-children's book that captures the irony and inside jokes of the running community. I got a sneak preview copy, and immediately picked up a few more as stocking stuffers.

I love the tone of this book, and we had a good chuckle as we passed it around. Eric Cash does a tremendous job with the illustrations, whether it's Daddy in an ice bath, or a truck driver flipping you off as you "share the road". The first few lines pretty much set the tone:
A is for Against the Traffic, the safest way to run
B is for Blister...Ouch! That's no fun
C is for Chafing, inner thighs are burning
D is for DNF, his GI tract is churning!
Awesome. Still time to get it for X-mas...available here at CreateSpace (owned by Amazon)! Or contact him directly for a signed copy...

- SD


  1. Just ordered two! One for Sunny, and one for my parents.

  2. while I've heard good things about 'running on empty', I just finished 'unbroken' and was a bit disappointed. I realize his (Zamperini) life is inherently disjointed, but the story could've been better written with less emphasis on the types of war planes, etc.
    I much more enjoyed the a fictional story based on his time at sea, "the life of pi"

  3. This sounds like another hilarious book coming from Mark Remy. I am a fan of his blog entries at rwdaily and his books. Especially on his recent post on Tom Cruise running form. I cant seem to find the original post but neverthless, I have posted it on my blog.

    Time for me to go to the library to hunt for this new book!

  4. Wow sounds like a great book , I want to read it.


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