Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't Throw Away Those Blurry Photos Yet...Adobe Has a Cure

In a simply shocking demo of Adobe's new "unblur" capability for PhotoShop, the below video shows how a new algorithm can determine the motion of the camera that caused the blur while the shutter was open, and correct it. Voila, a clear picture!

For guys like me who get 100 blurry photos for every one that works, this is a miracle. Don't throw away those blurry photos, folks!



  1. I'd be happy if I got your 100 to 1 ratio on pictures taken on the trails. This capability would be shockingly useful!

  2. I think the audience reaction says it all. Wow. I don't use Photoshop (Elements) much, but I am addicted to Adobe Lightroom. Hopefully they'll ship the filter for it too.


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