Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Looks Funnier - Tired Joggers or Wet Dogs?

Photographer Sacha Goldberger has a great series of photos of joggers immediately after their jog, and then later once they have showered. No wonder I can't recognize a fellow runner in their business attire!

You can find more of these photos at PetaPixel.

For you pet lovers, check out these hilarious photos of dogs shaking water off, put together by pet photographer Carli Davidson for her series “Shake“. It reminds me of that slow-motion scene in Chariots of Fire where the sprinters faces are all over the place.

Here's the Chariots of Fire videos (face flying around 1:40'ish):


  1. That bulldog is hilarious :) Just to be serious for a second - drink lots of water after run and your body will be thankful. That is the best way to maintain functionality of an organism.

  2. So funny!!!!! My family has told me the same thing- that I need to get a shot of me right after a run and then later when I'm all cleaned up. I go from ogre to human in a 20 min. shower :)! Got to love what running does to us hehehee!

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  4. I find wet dogs more funnier. Well it's just because i love dogs as pets.
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  5. These are really hilarious photos of dogs shaking water off...the photographer has done a great job.


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